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What motivates US consumers - The 2019 US Consumer Behavior report

Worldpay Editorial Team

July 09, 2019

The 2019 US Consumer Behavior Report taps into the mindset of US shoppers with questions that dive into the heart of contemporary retail experiences. We explore how US consumers are responding to a new retail landscape sculpted by big data and omnichannel experiences.

Whatever your size, whatever and however you sell, insights into consumer behavior helps you to acquire new customers, improve retention and build loyalty. Let's peek inside the report…

  • Merchants that haven't made the jump to accept digital wallets are asking whether it makes sense to enable acceptance of eWallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Amazon Pay. We asked US consumers what they thought and two-thirds believe smartphones are payment method of the future, with Millennials (80%) more likely than Boomers (58%) to think that smartphones will replace credit and debit cards.
  • We take a closer look at consumer preferences by industry vertical to see where channel preferences persist and where they've dissolved. US shoppers are embracing omnichannel shopping, often in surprising industries. Take clothing and footwear: 40% of US consumers surveyed are now comfortable shopping online and in-store.
  • Abandoned shopping carts are the subject of great interest as they represent a large opportunity for businesses to boost online conversions. We dive into the key points of friction that consumers say stops purchases in their tracks, like “no guest checkout option” (36%) and “I was charged extra for my preferred payment method” (29%).
  • For retailers selling online, connecting with US consumers today means delivering on delivery. How important is free shipping? It's almost unanimous: 98% of US consumers see free delivery as important (15%), very important (63%) or even mandatory (19%). Learn what US consumers say about charging for returns and shipping surprises in the shopping cart (spoiler alert: they're not fans).
  • Voice-activated interfaces continue to gain in popularity. Half of US consumers now own a voice-activated digital assistant and overall opinions are positive: 35% of those surveyed love them, while another 23% like them at least somewhat. Our report dives deeper to probe consumer sentiment on privacy, parental controls, and payments within voice-activated interfaces.

We conclude with key takeaways to help retailers translate consumer insights into action:

  • Convenience comes first. Providing seamless, friction-free experiences that consistently delight customers is no longer an aspiration—it's the new normal.
  • Privacy and safety also come first. Trust is mandatory, and it can be lost in an instant through fraud or a data breach. Payment security and safeguarding customer data is mission-critical.
  • Mobile is fundamental. Whatever you're selling, optimized mobile experiences are emerging as the glue that unifies commerce and consumer experiences across channels.
  • The centrality of payments. Catering to the US consumer means delivering payment options that offer convenience and security.


2019 Consumer Behavior Report

Find out what motivates US consumers