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Next Generation Secured Platform Digitally Connects Board Members

Maria Schuld | Group Executive - North American Banking Solutions

July 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered why we have technology to pay via mobile phone or stop a fraudulent payment but we still waste time figuring out who in our company has the latest version of a document, report or file, or where it’s stored? We did!

Now there’s a way for organizations to ensure that their board members can easily access the latest company information they need to review. Traditionally, communications to board members have been paper-based, but today’s paperless board portals provide directors with more timely information and companies with more streamlined book creation and tighter information security.

FIS’ Director Access is a secure portal that provides a convenient, online platform for board members and executives. Director Access connects users to documents, contacts, calendars and more. Users access timely and confidential documents at anytime and anywhere and receive support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online platform reduces production time and cost of document assembly and provides complete access to board books, board minutes, policies, procedures and more.

Designated administrators can set up online approvals, create digital archives and send email notifications to contacts. By uploading individual documents as they become available, they cut out the time, effort and cost to print, bind and ship a completed board packet.

When an internet connection isn’t available, board members can access an archive of three months’ worth of committee materials in Offline Mode. Board members can markup files with highlighter, digital pen, sticky notes, and more on either an iPad or Android device.

FIS’ Director Access represents a secure SaaS solution. Servers are housed in a secure FIS Data Center with 24-hour physical security. All servers are mirrored to a secondary FIS Data Center if a disaster were to occur. The network perimeter is protected by redundant firewalls, data is completely encrypted, full backups are performed daily, and network security is in place to protect against attacks.

What else sets Director Access apart from the market? Meeting Rooms, Document Vault, and Approvals represent three key features that differentiate Director Access from other board portal solutions.

  1. Meeting Rooms - The Meeting Room is customized for your institution’s particular committees such as the board of directors and audit, executive, and technology committees. Each committee has one-click access via specific links to a list of documents from the most recent meeting. Committee members also can receive email notifications with single-click access to documents for upcoming committee meetings. 
    Administrators can initiate automated emails to committee members reminding them of an upcoming meeting and upload a variety of file types including: Word documents, Excel® spreadsheets, PDFs, images, text files, Access databases, HTML and MP3 files. They can rearrange the list order without having to remove the documents, apply additional restrictions to PDFs, and merge multiple PDFs to create one document.
  2. Document Vault - Director Access can be used as a central repository to store and archive a variety of file types for users, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, images and text files. Information can be organized by subject matter.
  3. Approvals - The approval feature of Director Access allows users to approve items such as loan requests, minutes, policies and procedures.  Voting results are detailed for access by the administrator who can allow anonymous voting if desired. Votes are automatically tallied and percentages computed.

Do you want to set your board of directors up for success? Contact to learn even more about Director Access or request a demo.