An extensive fraud analytics solution that confidently monitors fraud to better serve your customers

Financial institutions face significant challenges when it comes to fraud analytics and prevention. You must continuously invest in technology that protects your data from fraudulent activity while also balancing the needs of your customers.

FIS® Fraud Data Pack is a unified data set that works with Ethos™ Analytics to empower your institution to actively monitor credit and debit fraud with executive dashboards and reports that provide instant insight into fraud data analysis and trends. Advanced users can query the data pack directly to create custom visualizations and models, as well as extract underlying detail into a variety of formats on demand.

Discover new insights

Track critical KPIs to discover trends, understand causes and identify optimization actions.

Tackle fraud head on

Quickly detect and respond to lost and stolen cards, account takeover or false-positive declines.

Understand your risk

Interpret trends and patterns related to authorization, confirmed fraud and real-time declines.

Use to the fullest extent

Navigate your data packs and other folders with customized training provided by FIS experts.

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Set your team up for success

Maximize the benefit of your investment right away with in-depth training and customized workshops using your team and your Ethos data packs.

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