The fraud protection innovation that takes the focus off potential loss so you can turn your attention to efficiency and growth.

eCommerce is experiencing incredible acceleration, and with that comes higher risk of fraud and chargeback losses. As a result, merchants employ overly strict fraud protection solutions that lead to excessive false declines and lost revenue.

Worldpay Guaranteed Payments, powered by Signifyd, uses advanced machine learning that evaluates orders at checkout and delivers instant decisions that are backed by 100 percent financial liability shift for any chargebacks on approved orders. The result is higher approval rates and a faster, more seamless embedded integration experience for Worldpay’s customers.

Shift liability 100%

Never pay another fraud chargeback, period.

Increase approval rates

Put aside the fear and watch your orders climb 5% to 7%.

Grow customer lifetime value

When legitimate customers experience friction-free shopping, they’ll be back for more.

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Consumers say “Yes, please” to more ways to pay

During the pandemic, your customers became accustomed to paying anyone from anywhere, and they’re open to new ways to do that.

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Real-time B2B payments now table stakes

Given the significant impact on time and costs, businesses have come to expect instant payments, and you can deliver.

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Three drivers transforming business payments

Recent upheavals in the workplace have caused businesses to rethink their payments processes with modernization in mind.

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