Arena Extension Framework (AEF) Advanced

Certification: AEF Advanced

AEF Advanced certification is currently available for the following Business Extension Areas:

  • AEF: Proprietary Valuation
  • AEF for User-Defined Monte Carlo.

(What are Business Extension Areas? See overview of AEF certification.)

Who can get certified?

Certification is available to Front Arena clients and service partners.

Required knowledge level

Participants should have gained the following certification before undertaking this certification:

Participants should have a thorough knowledge of the following:

  • C/C++ programming knowledge
  • Experience of working with PRIME

How much does it cost?

  • Registration for the program costs EUR 680 per Business Extension Area.
  • Normal course fees are applicable for courses that you attend during the certification program.
  • Your employer will be invoiced for the certification fees.

How does it work?

Before registering for the AEF Advanced certifications, you must attend the corresponding courses:

  • AEF: Proprietary Valuation (FA106)*
  • AEF for User-Defined Monte Carlo (FA107)*

Note that the assessments may include topics not covered in the course but which are documented in the standard Front Arena documentation. You may need to refer to the learning resources listed below when completing your assessment.

AEF Advanced assessments are controlled tests. This means that you need to contact Trading University in advance in order to agree to a start date for the tests.

To do so, please register here.

After registration, the assessment assignments will be emailed to you. The assignment typically consists of solving one larger exercise.

(*) Please note that a Developer License might be required.

Learning resources in Kbase

Resources in Knowledgebase require a special login. Access is available to Front Arena clients and service partners. Please contact the Front Arena Kbase team at for details.