Trading University

AEF Base Learning Plan

Training Courses

You must register and attend the following courses during the program. Click on each course title for a full description, price and course availability.

Course Code Course Title Course Attendance
  Self-study material (FCA3724)  
[FA102] AEF: Customization with Python AEL and ACM
[FA103] AEF: Calculation Trees, ADFL and ACM Mandatory
[FA104] AEF: Customized Reporting Mandatory to attend one of these courses
[FA105] AEF: User Interface Customization  

The assessments are carried out using the Certification and Assessment Tool (CAT). Trading University will guide you through the process.

Note: You should be registered on the program before following this learning plan.


You must complete the following assessments during the program:

Part 1 – Multiple-choice questions

  • A – AEF-Basics
  • B – ASQL
  • C – Python
  • D – ADFL

Part 2 - Essay questions

  • E – ASQL 2
  • F – Python 2
  • G – Python 3
  • H – Python 4
  • I – ADFL 2