[FA130] AEF Tips and Tricks

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

The course covers general, intermediate to advanced level Python concepts and applies them to AEF development in Front Arena. The course focuses heavily on the Arena Class Model (ACM) and Arena Extension Library (AEF) libraries. Some of the topics covered include:

  • List comprehension, lambdas, map, filter, zip
  • Sorting
  • Copy by value and reference
  • Object orientation in Python
  • Generators
  • Code optimization
  • Decorators
  • Object serialization
  • Regular expressions
  • FA update performance/threads/processes
  • Pythonic ways/idioms /PEP8
  • Python tricks
  • ACM tricks and useful methods

Goal of the Course

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Have exposure to alternative approaches of solving common tasks in AEF
  • Appreciate intermediate and some advanced Python concepts and their application to Front Arena-related topics
  • Appreciate performance impacts arising from different ways of solving a problem

Target Audience

The course in intended for AEF Base Certified Front Arena developers who have already worked on Front Arena development. The course is also suitable for developers wanting to expand their python knowledge and wanting to learn some ACM/AEL tricks relating to problems that they are likely to encounter in their work.

Developers from beginner to intermediate level, who will appreciate and write proper Python code and getting more out of the FA libraries, should also consider this course.

Required Knowledge

Participants of the course should:

  • Be comfortable with and have experience with Python programming
  • Be comfortable with the Front Arena data model, AEL and ACM
  • Be AEF certified

Type of Course: Technical