[FA208] Front Arena Sub Ledger – Configuration and Management

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

The Sub Ledger package makes it possible to match an event in Front Arena with the account number from a general ledger system. An event is everything that should be reflected in the general ledger. It can be a key figure, for example, accrued interest or a cash flow from a new or existing trade. How often an event should take place is user definable and set up in the system.

The creation of the postings is typically run in a night batch after the mark-to-market procedure is done, in which all the rates and prices are stored.

The course covers:

  • Overview of solution, architecture and components
  • Setup (configuring the sub ledger in order to generate postings):
    1. General settings
    2. Account Levels
    3. Chart of Accounts
    4. Accounting Periods
    5. Setup of Events (Event Types, Events and Sub-events)
  • Processing (end-of-day processing, i.e., running the extract utility to create postings, looking at the output file, viewing postings in the Previous Postings application, manual entry of postings through the Manual Postings application)
  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation (setting up reconciliation and running the recon report)

Goal of the Course

After the course participants will be able to set up and run the Sub Ledger package.

Target Audience

  • Back office and operations managers
  • Application managers
  • System managers

Required Knowledge Level

Type of Course: