Front Arena Operations – Automate Your Processes Using Operations Manager

Duration of Course: Two to three days

Course Covers

Front Arena Operations Manager offers tools to automate settlement and confirmation processes for all instruments tradable on Front Arena. This course is an extensive and insightful education in applying Front Arena's standard functionality to optimize automation in the back office. It covers:

  • Components needed for Operations
  • ATS business logic
  • Standard settlement flow
  • Standard confirmation flow
    1. Usage of SWIFT
    2. Usage of free format
  • Control Environment
  • Reconciliation
  • Standard market practice
  • Troubleshooting

Goal of the Course

Participants will be able to design and operate settlement and confirmations flows in Front Arena using the Operations Manager.

Target Audience

  • Operations staff
  • Optimization specialists
  • Operational risk and compliance staff
  • Application specialist and support staff

Required Knowledge Level

Basic settlement and clearing knowledge is advantageous.

Type of Course: Functional/technical/conceptual

Certification Exam Details: AEF Base Certification