A Holistic View of Customers’ Finances and Interests

Drive customer engagement and outreach with FIS™ Personal Finance powered by MX. Embedded directly within FIS online and mobile banking solutions, it aggregates customers’ financial data from multiple sources in a secure environment and lets users easily track all their investments and transactions. What’s more, the solution’s back-end data analytics gives your institution insight into what products and services customers are most interested in, helping you better target your marketing.

  • Accessible via online and mobile channels
  • Show external and internal accounts together
  • Beautiful, intuitive visualizations and graphics
  • Easy-to-use budgeting, transaction and spending tools
  • Proven client success and adoption
  • User analytics and engagement metrics

See It in Action.

Whitepaper Making the Case – Answers to Your Boss’s Questions

Making the Case – Answers to Your Boss’s Questions

Pitching new ideas and technologies is never easy, even when the benefits are obvious, like with FIS Personal Finance powered by MX. Go into your bosses office with your pitch prepared by reading our “Making the Case” e-book. If includes all the research and proof points as to how such a centralized, visual presentation of data boosts customer engagement with and usage of your institution’s tools and generates more revenue.

“FIS Personal Finance Powered by MX’s patent-pending Bubble Budgets combines colors, variable sizes and movements to give users an undeniably clear picture of their budget status on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.”

Jim Marous, editor at The Financial Brand

FIS Personal Finance Powered by MX’s patent
Whitepaper The Bankers Guide to Digital Advocacy

The Banker's Guide to Digital Advocacy

Loyalty is built through the empowerment of your customers. It is why more financial institutions are using FIS Personal Finance powered by MX. Discover how to exceed the demands of the fast-evolving consumer in our whitepaper, “Why Digital Advocacy Is the Best Hope for the Banking Industry."

Case Study A large Credit Unions Results

How Customers Responded When Their Bank Gave Them a 20/20 View of Their Finances

With the Personal Finance solution from FIS, Pioneer Bank gained the customer insights they needed to better target and serve their customers with the right message and product at the right time. They also saw high initial adoption and engagement within the platform. And in just a few months, Pioneer Bank saw incredible results.

case study

Banking on Big Data

According to the 2018 FIS PACE findings, the number one way for banking providers to grow their businesses is to closely tie their outreach to key events in customers’ lives, such as sending a child to college or buying a home. See how you the big data capabilities behind FIS Personal Finance Powered by MX can engage your best customers and ensure you deliver the right product offers to the right targets at the right time.

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