FIS Ambit Risk and Performance

Align risk, treasury and finance for effective balance sheet optimization


A Centralized View of Risk, Liquidity, Capital and Profitability

With FIS™ Ambit Risk and Performance, you can be both prudent in your decision-making and strategic for maximized returns. Ambit Risk and Performance gives you a centralized view of risk, liquidity, capital and profitability across the enterprise.

It offers modular solutions for asset liability and market risk management, liquidity risk management, regulatory compliance and economic capital management and credit risk management.

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FIS™ Ambit Capital Management

Ambit Capital Management is a comprehensive regulatory capital solution that supports the full range of approaches to credit risk, operational risk and standardized market risk.

Helps you comply with guidelines including Basel III, CVA and SA-CCR
Integrates stress testing and industry-standard economic capital models
Helps you set appropriate limits and effectively mitigate risk
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FIS™ Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is a comprehensive balance sheet management solution that offers banks the tools they need to address growing market and regulatory pressure.

Analyze and optimize your balance sheet
Project future earnings
Make customized reporting easy
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FIS offers consulting services and software solutions to automate and deploy robust CECL frameworks, including our advanced computation engine and aggregation platform to streamline reporting.

Execute your tasks more quickly and easily, with less model risk
Centralize all balance sheet and allowance processes
Access and understand key data whenever you need
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With our IFRS9 solution, you can adapt to the new impairment model in advance and assess the impact on their balance sheet and P&L results.

Full integration empowers risk measurement across departments
Modular and flexible platform
Multi-dimensional planning and reporting
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Solve your Interest Rate in the Banking Book challenges with comprehensive functionality and consistent methodologies as well as advisory and implementation services to ensure IRRBB compliance.

Reduce your time-to-market for regulatory and market changes
Optimize your tenor mismatch strategy
Reduce project risk with experience of 600+ clients globally
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FIS™ Liquidity Risk

Our Liquidity Risk solution helps banks build up a liquidity risk management infrastructure on an operative as well as a strategic level, going beyond “minimum” regulatory requirements.

Find strategies to profit within constraints
Forecast risk and performance with consistent data and models
Set the right incentives and put compliance into practice
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