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VGW delivers flexible payment options for players with Worldpay

About VGW

VGW is a social gaming operator with a predominantly North American customer base. They have two mainline businesses – Chumba and Global Poker – each of which has gained a vast and loyal following online.

Why VGW chose Worldpay as its payment partner

Full suite of services

VGW wanted a provider that would help them optimise costs, improve their data, reduce user friction and deliver flexible payment options for players. With a full suite of payment services on offer, including a gateway connection, card acquiring capabilities, fraud protection, alternative payment methods, global payouts through Bankout and increased data insight with Pazien, Worldpay were in a position to provide all of those benefits and more.

Intelligent data input

Worldpay delivered intelligent data for VGW to analyse, which enabled them to assess transactions to find out whether they were fraudulent or not. This was especially important for VGW as they have two different websites which each allow access to thousands of player profiles. The more data VGW had access to, the better they were able to identify fraud and reduce losses.

Top-class performance

This additional use of data also extended to Pazien – a new Worldpay product which gives VGW’s data science team access to vital transaction figures and allows them to compare Worldpay’s performance with the incumbent eWallet. Partly because of the results uploaded to Pazien, VGW have continued to increase Worldpay’s share of their payment optimisation business.


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