Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos™ Engagement Suite

Dig into the Solution Suite:

Engage Your Customers with the Right Message at the Right Time

Personalized experiences increase adoption, loyalty and profitability. Within Ethos, you have access to tools that tie directly to all your data, as well as other capabilities, such as insights and analytics tools. Target the individual, household and business; leverage predictive scores; manage content across all media for consistent brand experience; and deliver personalized campaigns that fully engage your customer and maximize your marketing results.

Built for a Marketer, Not a Technologist

Manage your brand across all touch points of interaction, including print, digital and within other FIS products

Complete 360-degree View of Customer Relationship

Design customer experience journeys that leverage a complete view of customer behaviors and interactions

Easy to Set Up and Manage Turnkey Campaigns

Do it all with tried and tested acquisition, onboarding, activation and cross-sell/up-sell engagement programs

Complete Closed-loop Engagement Ecosystem

Everything you need in one place. Measure results and automatically optimize and fine-tune campaigns using machine learning

The Engagement Suite delivers sweeping features that include:

Customer Data Management and Integration – Manage all your customer and campaign data in one place, including FIS data, third-party data and client specific data, tied together at the individual, household and business levels.

Journey Orchestration – Easily set up multi-channel, multi-touch campaign workflows.

Content Management Manage and deploy any type of content in any format.

Channel Execution – Deploy campaigns across multiple channels including print, digital and in-product.

Automation – Preset rules to execute messaging to the right channel at the right time, based on customer preference, lifecycle stage, as well as their opt-in/out preferences.

Built from the ground up to deliver exclusive value for FIS clients:

End-to-end capabilities

Complete out-of-the-box functionality with plug-ins to industry standard modules. API integration as well as component hand-offs for full solution flexibility.

Easy to use for marketing staff

Specifically designed for a marketing person to use without technical, analytical, or database support, while providing all the features and reporting they need to advance your customer campaigns.

Speed counts

Respond to changing market dynamics and customer behavior in real time while you have the chance to influence what happens next. Machine learning helps you optimize campaigns and improve ROI. See who your most profitable customers are and build strategic plans to keep them and grow their value.