Lead the future of your business with Ethos™:
the comprehensive fintech data ecosystem from FIS


Ethos Financial View

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Your Bank’s Total Financial Picture

Leadership starts with access to the right information used to make intelligent decisions and drive culture. Empower your organization with powerful data tools, so your staff can stop wrangling spreadsheets. The right tools will help you spot performance trends, identify revenue opportunities and take immediate action so you can improve performance and results.

Ethos™ Financial View helps banking leaders collaborate and share accountability for financial results. Employ technology to not only aggregate your data, but put it into a more actionable format that will power data-driven decision-making.


The data tool for your bank’s aggressive growth strategy

Proactively manage your bank's performance every day with timely, data-driven decisions that improve bottom-line results

Automate Board Reporting

Design and run board report packages. Receive reports via email as a PDF in less than a minute for an immediate savings of hours per month

Drive performance and accountability across the organization

Manage and Improve NIM – Discover what contributes to your net interest margin. Track trends, identify issues that need attention and effectively manage margins.

Daily Financial Picture – Proactively manage your bank's performance every single day all the way to the branch and officer levels. With enhanced visibility, make timely decisions to change behavior and improve bottom-line results.

Unlimited Forecasting Scenarios – Add integrity to rolling forecasts by modeling your bank’s performance against changing variables. Use our forecasting capability tool to input assumptions, such as those related to interest rates, and see immediately how these factors affect future performance.