Training & Support

Understand the value of merchant solutions and get rewarded

Building relationships is our #1 priority

Dedicated Sales Team

When it comes to selling Merchant Solutions to your customers, you are not alone. You have an entire experienced team backing you up, with fast, friendly follow-up on your referrals, and a high close rate.

No-Hassle Referrals

Simply submit your qualified referrals via your web-to-lead form, and we’ll take it from there. Our experts will follow up with your referrals, get a better understanding of their business needs, and provide the right merchant solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Valuable Referral Rewards

Worldpay makes earning Referral Rewards points easy and fun. Stay connected with your sales team to learn about current incentive campaigns. You can redeem points as soon as you begin accruing them. Choose from a wide selection of items including gift cards, vacation trips, merchandise, and more.