Partner and Merchant Contact Resources

When you or your customers need help - we are ready to provide a great experience

Partner Assist and Merchant Assist

Have a question about the referrals process or have a customer with an urgent issue? We'll get you the one-call support you need.

Have questions regarding your financial institution?

Contact Partner Assist at 866.632.7774 or via email at
Available Monday - Friday 8AM – 9PM EST

You should contact Partner Assist for:

  • Billing/Statement Inquiries
  • Merchant account maintenance
    • Update ACH debit/deposit information
    • Add/Remove equipment, products, and services
  • General questions concerning equipment, products or services
  • Your own cash advance account inquiries

You should contact your Partnership Manager with questions regarding:

  • Residual Payments
  • Marketing Materials
  • Branding
  • Web to Lead Form
  • Referral Reporting

Where should you direct your merchants for support?

Worldpay's customer service team can assist merchants with questions about their products and services, equipment, and general processing support.

  • Existing merchants should contact Merchant Assist at 855.584.7550
Merchants should have their Merchant ID # ready when contacting Merchant Assist.