Flavors of Fast 2017: From Real-time to Real Innovation

Take a global look at real-time payments across the world as we take you from business case to business value.

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Where Payments Meet Life

As we enter our fourth edition of Flavors of Fast, the most important message is not simply that the number of countries offering faster payments is growing; the takeaway is that the whole nature of faster payments is evolving. We at FIS have often made the point that faster payments alone are not the end game; as the world grows to embrace the joy of instant gratification, faster payments are seen as a catalyst to new ways of making payments, a way to create context for consumers, SME and corporates alike.

New in 2017

An Enhanced Faster Payments Innovation Index

Our proprietary Faster Payments Innovation Index (FPII) was first established to create a comparative rating system where diverse global payment schemes could be easily compared and contrasted.

This year we have added a new element to the FPII that indicates whether the schemes under review have also made use of faster payments to champion open access and an API layer.

A global look at #realtime #payments: from business case to business value. Get Flavors of Fast 2017.

A Trip Around the World of Immediate Payments

Warren Gardiner, FIS head of solutions and strategy for Enterprise Payments, examines worldwide payments schemes and provides highlights from the Flavors of Fast 2017 Report.

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Delivering Real-time Payments

Warren Gardiner, head of solutions and strategy for Enterprise Payments at FIS, explains the unique Faster Payments Innovation Index and the impact on banks of moving to real-time payments.

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The Perfect Storm: Open and Instant

The world has embraced "instant" with new real-time payment schemes rolling out around the globe. Now, with PSD2 and open banking regulation setting the pace, banks are actively working on delivering "open" APIs to achieve compliance and go beyond the legislation.

Open APIs and instant payments are, in practice, inextricably linked. Open APIs without instant delivery will always be a second-rate experience. Likewise, instant payments without added value are just faster, which is not always better.

Join us to explore the practical implications, challenges and opportunities of this new open and instant world.

Open and Instant

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Our teams at FIS enable and implement real-time payments all over the world and we are pleased to be able to share this survey and the lessons we have learned with you. We invite you to open the dialogue with us, your peers and colleagues so you can continue to drive value for your customers.