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What’s New in Faster Payments in 2018? 

Overlay Services Redefine What’s Possible
A global leader in payments technology, FIS will soon release its fifth annual edition of Flavors of Fast, a premier payments industry report examining trends in global faster payments schemes. From mobile apps that enable users to split a bill to real-time insurance payments, value-added overlay services that run on payment rails have increased the ubiquity, functionality and value of instant, beyond speed.

A Surge in Live Schemes

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Growth Continues


Fifteen faster payments schemes have launched since our 2017 Flavors of Fast report. Existing scheme growth has been steady in Europe and Africa. In Asia, usage has increased as much as 50 percent.

Key Regions:


Usage increases from 2 million per day to 2.8 million.

  • One of the fastest-growing immediate payment services in world
  • Growth driven by the additional overlay services offered on top of the faster payments rails, offered through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI)


Usage increases from 12 million per day to 25 million.

  • Established by People's Bank of China nearly a decade ago to connect banks, merchants and retailers in a unified payment infrastructure
  • Banks and third parties expected to develop new products and services on top of the instant payment rails for higher market penetration

Australia (NEW)

New Payments Platform (NPP) went live in February 2018

  • Six retail banks and three banking service aggregators bringing customers onboard, with about 40 other smaller financial services organizations getting access to the NPP through the core group.
  • First overlays on NPP are a suite of services known as Osko, starting with a P2P payment service

United States (NEW)

The Clearing House launched Real-time Payments (RTP) in November 2017

  • The first new major payments infrastructure since the ACH in the 1970s
  • No mandate for faster payments in the U.S.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) (NEW)

  • Pan-regional European Instant Payments scheme went live in November 2017
  • Launched by individual banks across Europe, starting in Austria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Spain
  • Will span more than 34 European countries by 2019

2017 Flavors of Fast Report

Read why we predicted the value of faster payments would move beyond speed, and toward the innovations we’ve seen in 2018.

Corporates Embrace Faster Payments

The richness of data and transparency is more important than processing time for many corporates. In the 2018 Flavors of Fast report, learn how faster payments now support the data needs of commercial users, and how open APIs are helping corporate treasury leverage faster payments to optimize cash management.

Overlays Fuel Innovation


Overlay services and open APIs that run on real-time rails have created new possibilities for global faster payments in 2018.

Chat and Instant Messaging

In India, the immediate payment service (IMPS) offered through the unified payment interface (UPI) has led to innovations that merge payments with messaging. Money transfer apps like Tez and Paytm now feature chatting capability; chatting apps like WhatsApp and Hike added instant payment mechanisms.

Retail Apps

In France, a major supermarket chain with an in-house bank relation has implemented SCT Inst payments at checkout through its shop app to reduce card acquisition, processing fees and check usage.

Instant Loans

In Portugal, a challenger bank is offering instant loan availability with an SCT Inst payment. The bank uses open API banking to credit check the loan applicant directly through their bank before making funds available instantly.

Real-time Promotions

In the UK, an initiative marketed as #YayDelay uses an algorithm to monitor real-time train delays. Customers can tweet #YayDelay to unlock discounted or free Gordon’s London Dry Gin & Tonics during frustrating commutes.

2017 Flavors of Fast Report

Read why we predicted the value of faster payments would move beyond speed, and toward the innovations we’ve seen in 2018.

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