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BobConstruction Manager

About Bob
  • Age: 35
  • Status: Married
  • Children: 1 daughter, 9
  • Homeowner: Yes
  • Job: Construction manager
  • Income: $87,000
  • Credit Cards: 3
Bob's Challenges
  • Making the most of all his different loyalty memberships.
FIS Solutions
  • FIS Premium Payback: This real-time, point-of-sale redemption network connects millions of consumer payment cards with loyalty programs all over the country by processing transactions in real time, continuously resetting points totals and status levels, while communicating relevant offers to consumers at the point of sale, whether in person, online or via mobile.

BobConstruction Manager

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Bob purchases flowers at his local store and earns loyalty points.

Bob uses his earned loyalty points to receive a 10% discount off purchases in real-time at the point of sale.

Bob spends $50 on gas and is prompted to use his accrued loyalty points at the pump.



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Batch Processing for Scoring
Every Day Spend and Earn
Financial Institution (FI)
Real-Time Payments
Loyalty Authorization
Payment Authorization
Redemption Offer at POS
Price Roll Back
Transaction Finalized
Receipt Prints with
Rewards Summary
Loyalty Discount
  • Corporate Payment FactoryThomas

    Pharma, Inc. Treasurer

  • PrepaidLisa

    Vintage Boutique Owner

  • Enterprise PaymentsSteven

    Red Ocean CFO

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Card transactions are sent daily from the FI's payment processor (both internal FIS processing platforms and external) to score everyday spend and earns via Loyalty's Valusys Online Loyalty Manager Scoring Engine. Learn More > The cardholder's financial institution that’s enrolled in the program. Learn More > API call out from the POS to payment processor for pre-authorization. Learn More > Loyalty's Switch receives a real-time request for redemption offer validation when the cardholder swipes their payment card at the merchant’s POS. At the same time, the payment pre-authorization is sent to the processor. Learn More > Loyalty's Switch receives a real-time request for payment pre-authorization when the cardholder swipes their payment card at the merchant's POS as part of normal transaction processing flow. Learn More > If the cardholder has required points available to redeem, the redemption offer is presented back to the cardholder as soon as the payment authorization is received. Learn More > If the cardholder chooses to redeem their points, the price automatically rolls back to pre-determined discounted amount. Learn More > Cardholder completes the transaction and a final message is sent to the Loyalty Switch to close out the transaction. Learn More > Once the Loyalty host receives the final message, the cardholder's receipt prints with a detailed total transaction amount, discounted amount, and points redeemed. Learn More >