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The payments space is changing rapidly and institutions are hampered with challenges in keeping up.

Today, institutions are confounded by regulatory pressures, changing consumer tastes, and a myriad of disruptors. As a result, there is a constant ‘tug-of-war’ within institutions as they must continually choose between running or growing their businesses.


Business-driven transformation should take place through incremental modernization. FIS can help you leverage and optimize your existing systems, and work with your goals and objectives to help you build operational efficiencies while still keeping pace with market changes, so that you can focus on what matters – your core competencies.



Intrinsic to the success of any payments provider is also the ability to Connect. Not just with consumers and new segments through innovative payment solutions, but also with the payments ecosystem ensuring seamless and efficient access to it.



FIS can help you find the next competitive advantage and grow deeper and more profitable relationships with your customers – through our industry expertise, and our ability to understand and anticipate market trends.


Balancing the needs for Running and for Growing a business is rarely done well.

Unforeseen challenges emerge and Running becomes the priority while Growing, which determines future opportunities, gets squeezed. In short, an institution’s strategic vision gets impacted by a tactical imperative. FIS has the industry knowledge and expertise at both the global and regional levels, backed by an end-to-end solution set to help you keep up with and effectively navigate the payments race.


FIS is your $9B IT team

  • $27B transactions processed globally

  • 750M end customers

  • 848M cards processed per year

  • 120+ banks globally

  • Invested annually in Risk, Fraud & Compliance


FIS is your gateway to connecting into the Dynamic Payment Ecosystem

  • 34M clients connected (mobile) bank

  • 3D relationships delivered by API

  • 40M loyalty accounts serviced (US)


FIS is your consultative partner to growth and insight

  • 4 Global innovation labs

  • $300M invested in advancements

  • Cardless Cash Access: 5x faster than card-based withdrawals