Invigorate your business with an innovative loyalty program


March 01, 2022

Businesses have always been dependent on consistent, predictable cashflow and customer loyalty remains central to achieving this dependably. While the necessity for regular, repeat consumers hasn’t evolved much over time, customer expectations certainly have.

Providing an excellent product or service with outstanding customer care is fundamental, and offering additional services with reduced rates or other special incentives can be significant. But there is more you can do to attract and retain vital customer loyalty. No matter where you are today or where you see yourself tomorrow, it’s time to reconsider your loyalty strategies with the right customer loyalty program. Here’s why:


Today, fast and hands-free mean more than ever. Give your customers a simple and rewarding shopping experience that integrates seamlessly with your loyalty program. You’ll be able to reward their loyalty with an emphasis on the spending that has the most profitable results for your business. It would also mean less hassle for you and greater rewards for your customers.


As more consumers turn to e-commerce options, you’re driven to provide the consistent assistance and accessibility they’ve come to expect. The same goes for your loyalty and rewards program. Whether they’re buying in-store or by app, the best program is intuitive and dependable.


Building loyalty takes time – and trust. Don’t leave that to chance with a program that puts your customers’ personal information at risk. A robust loyalty program also includes the critical ability to safeguard sensitive data and the reputation of your business.


To know your customers is to love them. Use your loyalty program to gain insights into your most loyal customers’ shopping preferences to make them feel truly appreciated. Reward them with offers that speak directly to their individual needs.

By bringing all the above into a single loyalty solution, a modern gift card program can be an affordable and actionable option for your business. Adding gift cards to your marketing mix can further engage your customers and keep them coming back. Gift cards can:

  1. Build brand awareness: Traditional and virtual cards work as cost-effective advertising.
  2. Capture more holiday sales: Gift cards provide the flexibility to please even the most challenging recipient of the present.
  3. Work with digital wallets: Discover new gift possibilities by connecting your gift cards to digital payments.
  4. Enable customer engagement: A life-long customer relationship can start with a single gift card.
  5. Generate useful data: Gift cards can give you valuable insights into your customers’ purchasing behaviors.
  6. Convert to convenience: Modern cards are safe and simple as they are normally less vulnerable to loss and theft.
  7. Maximize distribution: Send your cards beyond the walls of your store with gift card malls located in larger venues.
  8. Improve cash flow : Traditional and virtual cards work as cost-effective advertising.

Working with an experienced, trusted partner can simplify the complexity and ease the burden of building the loyalty program that works for your business. FIS® Valutec is a leading gift and loyalty solution that gives businesses of all shapes and sizes the tools to cultivate customer loyalty. With our platform, you can extend your reach to engage a wider audience, drive more sales, and incentivize repeat business. Valutec is here to help.