FIS empowers the financial world with market-defining research on what’s driving change today—and what will be tomorrow.

Throughout the year, FIS publishes in-depth proprietary research to help support financial institutions in market analysis, strategic planning and product development.

Each one of our research initiatives, whether it be focused on consumer banking or enterprise operations, seeks to provide reliable findings and actionable insights garnered through meticulous, statistically valid methodologies and put into relevant “big picture” context through expert analysis.

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2018 PACE Report

The annual Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) Report examines how consumer expectations of their banks are changing and benchmarks how well banks are meeting those expectations in several countries and categories.


Our second annual Readiness Report finds that the industry scores higher on six pillars of growth. Yet the Readiness Leaders continue to grow twice as fast. How? They have already achieved efficiencies. Now they are evolving towards a modernized operating model that supports greater growth.

Flavors of Fast 2017

Now in its fourth edition, the Flavors of Fast report examines how payments are not only getting ever faster and closer to instantaneous but also how they’re evolving, with local-eye views of innovations emerging in various countries from around the world.