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This year, for the first time ever, FIS surveyed hundreds of U.K. bank executives about their priorities and how they compare to the expectations of their commercial clients (SMBs).

See how digital transformation empowers your customers.


Digital Transformation

Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of U.K. bank executives believe digital transformation is “extremely/very important” to their success. The only naysayers? Direct banks, which are already 100 percent online/digital operations.

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Top Investment Priorities

For all U.K. bank executives, the highest priority in their digital transformations over the next 12 months is faster payments/payments infrastructure/payments modernization, followed by fraud protection and then artificial intelligence.

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Relationship Managers

According to PACE data, 63 percent of U.K. SMB clients have a relationship manager assigned to their account. That’s because 59 percent of bank executives have a policy to automatically assign managers to new commercial accounts, no matter the size.

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PACE 2018 Findings – UK Bank Executive

Now in its fourth year, the annual FIS'" Performance Against Customer Expectations (PACE) findings offer a clear view into how well banking providers are meeting the needs of their customers. For 2018, FIS surveyed U.S. bank executives and asked them to rank the importance of nine key attributes - simplified from the 18 attributes of previous years - and then score their primary banking provider's performance in those areas.

These nine key attributes are built into FIS' RUN CONNECT GROW model, which represents a bank's levels of service and the steps to achieve success.

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