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Safeguard customer data with payment tokenization

Worldpay OmniToken helps secure transactions, minimize fraud and reduce risk, while helping you perform routine payment functions across sales channels and partners. OmniToken is a credit card tokenization service that protects customer data – and preserves the customer’s experience. Tokenization replaces cardholder data with a token. This reduces the risk of theft of stored cardholder data for merchants because the data doesn’t reside in your environment.

Define the edge of cardholder data safety

OmniToken uses the same cryptographic key management principles used for industry standards such as PCI DSS, PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). Best practice security standards help significantly reduce your risk from card data theft

Channel-agnostic, Cross-capability Compatible

OmniToken works across your payment environment, in store, online or mobile

Format-preserving Tokenization

OmniToken accommodates middleware systems only accustomed to processing cardholder data

Highly Configurable

OmniToken is flexible and interoperable across your other third-party service providers