FIS Disburse Pay

Offer your corporate customers electronic disbursement payments with real-time capability

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Simplify the payout process with FIS’ global mass payment solution

FIS Disburse Pay is a new global mass payment solution that enables financial institutions and companies to digitally disburse funds to many payees at once, in real time.

Disburse Pay helps reduce the need for paper checks, lowering costs and fraud risks. Simply provide FIS a payment file that includes the recipient contact information and the payment amount from a corporate customer. FIS then contacts your corporate customer’s payees via email or text with instructions to claim the payment on a secure FIS website.

How FIS Empowers Disbursement Payments

Discover the speed and operational efficiency of Disburse Pay

New Revenue Opportunity

Attract corporate customers looking for a cost-effective, one-to-many payment solution

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Offer payees a quick and easy way to securely claim funds without the wait

Easy Deployment

No user interface development needed to send payment notifications or store sensitive account details

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