Supplier Code of Conduct


At Worldpay, we hold ourselves to high business standards and we want to work with suppliers who do the same. We work smart, we’re spirited and we’re supportive, and these values are evident in all we do. That’s why we promote high legal, ethical, corporate and employee-related standards in our own business and ask our suppliers to do the same.

We realize you will have values of your own. Not all statements below are contractually binding, but we hope that our respective values and standards will be compatible so we can do great work together. We are seeking your commitment to work with us to the spirit of the standards set out below.

In our interaction with each other


We’ll always be honest and fair with each other.


Our communications will be clear, unambiguous and timely. We’ll keep to the facts.


We can be open in our feedback to each other and learn from each other’s good practices. We’ll talk at appropriate intervals when things are going well, and talk more often when they’re not.


We try to continuously improve the value of our services. We’ll work together to identify and communicate opportunities to innovate, improve efficiency and avoid waste.


We’ll respect and protect each other’s physical and intellectual assets as if they were our own.

Health and safety

We’ll protect the physical safety of our colleagues and minimise their exposure to health risks.


We will respect each person’s right to their opinion. There will be no harassment or bullying behaviours.

Exchange of trade

We won’t buy products or services based solely on a reciprocal arrangement nor do we promise or threaten to leverage existing or potential business in order to gain preferential treatment.

In our dealings with the wider world

Bribery and corruption

We won’t take advantage of others through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential information, misrepresentation of facts or other unfair business practices and all our staff complete training in this area to ensure they understand appropriate behaviours. Bribery and corruption won’t be tolerated.

Corporate responsibility

We’ll act in a socially responsible manner appropriate to the countries where we operate. We’ll seek to protect and sustain our environment, and to support local charities, community groups and initiatives that have an ambition to improve life in the communities in which we work.

Diversity and inclusion

We strive for our culture and ways of working to be fully inclusive. We will engage, promote and manage our people’s performance based on merit and we won’t tolerate discrimination on any grounds.

Human rights

We will respect all internationally proclaimed human rights.

Child labour

We won’t engage in or support child labour. We will employ only workers who meet the minimum legal age requirement for their country.