Empowering credit and collections to drive results

Corporations are faced with improving operational efficiency with fewer and fewer resources. Increasingly, corporations are turning to technology solution providers to provide them with a path to success.

Take this interactive journey to experience how a full process automation solution embedded with artificial intelligence can change the way credit and collections teams work.

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FIS and Amalto Technologies Sign Global Agreement

FIS and Amalto Technologies have signed a global partnership agreement to create a complete order-to-cash solution for our GETPAID clients. This solution will automate the submission of invoices as well as the need to check on their status in AP portals, freeing up valuable resources to perform other tasks. Amalto Technologies has a track record of innovation for enterprise-level solutions enabling B2B integration and electronic document exchange services in a variety of markets.

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Where Payments Meets Life GetPaid Tip Sheet 6 Steps

Tip Sheet: 6 Steps to Optimizing Credit and Collections in Your Shared Service Center

Improving operational efficiency, achieving cost savings, and improving results are all important goals for every shared service center. But does managing credit and collections in a shared service center really have to be such hard work? Download this Tip Sheet to discover the six steps to optimizing credit and collections in your shared service center.

2018 Corporate Liquidity Receivables Market Report: Modernization of Credit and Collections - From Legacy to Revolutionary

In this market report, 78% of companies have seen an increase in collection volume while 77% lack complete visibility into their risk portfolio. There is room for improvement.

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Infographic: Modernization of Credit and Collections From Legacy to Revolutionary

Download this infographic to learn how best-in-class companies can modernize their credit and collections processes an increase cash flow, mitigate credit risk, improve operational efficiencies and more.

eBook: 4 Ways Robotic Process Automation Can Empower Your Credit and Collections

Process optimization is the cornerstone of robotics and full process automation. Credit and collections teams that are overburdened with repetitive and transactional tasks are more likely to make mistakes and exercise poor judgement, creating unnecessary risk for the company. These teams can benefit from incorporating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into their daily routines to free up time to focus on value-added activities. There are many areas within credit and collections that are perfect for instituting RPA. Download this eBook to learn the four areas where RPA can completely transform your credit and collections organization.

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Video: Leveraging Full Process Automation Combined with Artificial Intelligence to Get Paid Faster

True Artificial Intelligence is the next step in improving credit and collection results. View this video to learn how credit and collections professionals can leverage artificial intelligence within a full process automation solution to help drive risk-based collections.

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Only 5% of credit and collections professionals
have achieved full order-to-cash automation.

eBook: 3 Areas Artificial Intelligence Can Impact in the Credit and Collections Process to Uncover Revenue and Increase Cashflow

By leveraging a full process automation solution with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI), credit and collections teams operating in a Shared Service Center or decentralized environment are armed with the right tools to empower them to drive results. Download this eBook to learn the three areas artificial intelligence can impact credit and collections processes.

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Blog: Modernizing Credit and Collections in a Shared Service Center

By implementing a full process automation credit and collections solution with embedded artificial intelligence, credit and collections professionals can improve operational efficiencies, gain visibility into cash and risk and improve financial results. Read this blog to learn how credit and collections professionals can optimize their processes within a shared service center helping drive results and deliver value to the organization.

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