Vendor Compliance Services

Protecting Your Company, Customers and Data

Keeping your fingers on the pulse of multiple risks can strain resources that are already stretched thin, but FIS™ offers relief. We can help protect you from wrongful actions by vendors; conduct vulnerability scanning to pinpoint areas at risk of exploitation; and monitor your data for integrity, confidentiality, availability and compliance.

  • Valuable IT resources are freed up to focus on mission-critical activities.
  • Fewer on-staff IT professionals reduces overhead and training costs.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a global leader in risk, information security and compliance.

Security IT Monitoring

Keeping Your Asset Inventory Current

FIS Secure IT Monitoring Solutions

Managing your company and customer data places great demands on your IT department where responsibility rests for its integrity, confidentiality, availability and compliance. That’s why organizations in financial services and other industries rely on FIS™ and its teams of experts who are dedicated to information, network and internet security.

  • Compliant with FFIEC requirements for maintaining an IT asset inventory
  • Instant alerts of activities related to IT assets based on 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated scanning to keep your asset inventory and analytics up to date
  • Security IT monitoring available on an outsourced basis

Vendor Risk Management

Protection from Wrongful Actions by Third Parties

In the eyes of regulators, activities can be outsourced, but responsibility can’t. That means you can be held accountable for misdeeds by vendors. With hundreds or even thousands of suppliers, managing these relationships is challenging. FIS™ can help you minimize these risks with vendor oversight services that offer these benefits:

  • Development of a strong vendor management program
  • Strengthening of vendor oversight policies and procedures
  • Ongoing and comprehensive assessment of third parties
  • Deeper scrutiny of Vendor SSAE 16 documents to ensure adequate control
FIS Vendor RISC Management Solutions

Vulnerability Scanning

Stopping Security Breaches before They Occur

FIS Vulnerability Scanning Solutions

The transfer of data over the internet can invite security breaches by hackers. Further, potential risks can go undetected due to the presence of rogue software and employees with wrongful intent. FIS™ employs the latest technologies and methodologies to pinpoint where a system can be exploited so corrective action can be taken.

  • Compliant with the OCC’s requirements for vulnerability scanning
  • Proven precision in risk scoring and prioritization of vulnerabilities
  • Fewer on-staff IT professionals reduces overhead and training costs
  • Vulnerability scanning available on an outsourced basis