Managed Banking Solutions

Improve Your Cost Structures and Enhance Performance

In light of powerful drivers of change in the financial services industry, financial institutions need to embrace a new approach. However, change is expensive, unpredictable and distracting. FIS™ offers a full range of services that can help you benefit from improved cost structures, increased revenue opportunities and an enhanced customer experience.

Business Process Outsourcing and Virtual Back Office

FIS™ can help you reduce costs and gain efficiency by outsourcing call center, digital banking and vendor oversight, as well as collections, deposit, lending and other operations.


Our consultants can help you enhance your financial performance, better serve customers, manage conversions and more effectively utilize your existing systems.

Database Engine

GT.M scales up or down for any size financial institution, healthcare provider, transportation, manufacturing and other industries for fast and secure processing of data.

Hardware Solutions

Take advantage of our purchasing power and pay dramatically lower prices for the hardware you need based on your system requirements, with delivery, installation, service and support available.