Wholesale Solutions

The financial services landscape faces unprecedented challenges from all directions. Your operational strategy for tackling these issues can help set your institution apart and increase its competitive edge.

The pressure is on to comply with evolving regulation, manage complex data sets and IT infrastructure, improve customer service and achieve growth, all while reducing cost and risk. Change is inevitable, so your operations must be agile, always ready to meet the next new requirement.

With mission-critical software and IT services for the buy side, capital markets and global trading, FIS empowers financial institutions and corporations to stay ahead in a fast-moving marketplace. Our solutions automate the detailed processes associated with financial services, from trading, portfolio management and investment accounting to retail transactions and corporate treasury management.

Across the front, middle and back office, FIS helps you address your operational challenges head-on and remove constraints. Whether through automation, workflow and improved access to data or by taking on your transactional or IT burdens, our expertise and innovative systems give you the freedom to define your next move and achieve differentiation.

  • Accelerated growth

    FIS’ systems help you optimize performance by supporting customer acquisition and transaction management.
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance

    We provide holistic views of risk so you can identify trends, anticipate threats, discover opportunities and stay abreast of regulatory requirements.
  • Cost reduction and efficiency

    Our web-based solutions enable you to streamline and enhance your processes and operate with scale.
  • Improved service

    With our intuitive interfaces and user-friendly technology, you can focus your time and energy on customers rather than underlying operations and IT.
  • Reduced complexity

    We can help you transform swathes of complex data into actionable intelligence, while providing platforms and services that help simplify your technology environment.
Asset Management

Take advantage of the renewed focus on saving with asset management systems for boutiques, fund administration systems, hedge fund software and private equity software.


Rely on trading software to keep you ahead of regulatory concerns so you can respond more quickly to opportunities on behalf of your clients and maintain your focus on profitability.

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Commercial and Investment Banking

Strengthen your performance with software solutions for asset finance, capital markets, collateral management, commercial lending, risk management and compliance, operations and technology, tax reporting, trading and connectivity, and treasury management.

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Participate in the creative thinking that goes into emerging innovations, with financial systems services for custom application development, big data analytics and cloud services.

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Energy and Commodities

Improve your performance with solutions for accounting and treasury, energy and commodity trading, market data and analytics, operations management, and risk and compliance management.


More effectively tackle the industry’s challenges with solutions for actuarial modeling, risk and capital management, workflow management, finance and accounting, and investments.

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