Fund Administration Systems and Services

Join Forces for the Future with Advanced Fund Administration Systems

As fund administrators adapt to growing demands from regulators, investors and asset management customers, they also have opportunities to elevate their role – from provider to partner. FIS™ offers the sophisticated fund administration systems you need to join forces with asset managers, empower them to achieve their goals and transform commoditized services into a premium proposition.

  • Service new products, instruments and vehicles once considered alternative but now becoming mainstream for fund administrators.
  • Reduce operational errors, delays, inaccuracies and associated risk with advanced fund administration systems.
  • Ensure the quality, accessibility and adaptability of reporting data.
  • Accelerate the processes and cycles that must be carried out at a rapid pace for fund administration.

Bank Debt Management

Simplify Loan Accounting and Reporting

Fund Administration Bank Debt Management

With interest rates still low, higher-risk and higher-return investment alternatives, such as bank debt, can provide portfolio diversification and outperformance for investors. But these transactions can be highly complex. VPM, FIS™’ investment accounting software, can help you overcome the operational and fund administration challenges of this complex asset class to simplify loan accounting and reporting.

  • Automate front-to-back-office loan accounting and reporting processes as part of our integrated suite of fund administration systems.
  • Deliver detailed loan accounting, tracking interest on nonperforming loans and calculating delayed compensation and cost of carry.
  • Ensure transparency, data integrity and a complete audit trail.
  • Eliminate manual inputs, instead importing data from service providers.
  • Maximize your bank debt strategies and focus on increasing efficiency, managing risk and compliance, and improving growth and performance.

Collateral Management

Optimize Assets with Collateral Management Solutions

High-quality collateral can be a rare commodity, making it vital to put in place robust collateralization operations and optimization processes. Easily integrated with our full range of fund administration systems, the Apex collateral management solution suite enables you to manage, trade and optimize collateral across multiple trading book products on a single platform.

  • Benefit from numerical optimization algorithms that help minimize the cost of collateral and maximize return on assets.
  • Trade directly from a real-time global inventory that gives you a universal view of assets across instruments, asset classes and jurisdictions.
  • Keep track of who collateral is held from and posted with and at what rate.
  • Access tailored, cross-product support for collateral operations, incorporating flexible agreement management and workflows.
  • More fully understand the multidimensional aspects of collateral management risk, all through a single collateral management solution.


Enhance Visibility into Potential Risks with Compliance Software

The constantly changing regulatory environment is increasingly complex, and failure to comply carries stiff financial and reputational consequences. Integrated with our other fund administration systems, FIS™’ Protegent suite of compliance software solutions increases visibility into potential regulatory compliance risks and offers automated monitoring, detection and resolution tools for compliance risk management and mitigation.

  • Save time and money and decrease training by reusing common components across multiple compliance software solutions and fund administration systems.
  • Gain greater visibility into potential regulatory risks.
  • Reduce implementation time and adopt additional compliance software functionality without redeployment.
  • Achieve greater transparency across organizational data.

Corporate Actions

Achieve Straight-through Corporate Actions Processing, Risk Reduction and Transparency

The growing complexities of corporate actions management and accounting are stretching operational resources – making automated processing an urgent priority. Based on our powerful corporate actions software, FIS™ Corporate Actions Integration module is an integrated tool that supports straight-through corporate actions processing to complete the fund administration life cycle. While escalating alerts, it enables you to import corporate action election and entitlement data directly into the FIS’ InvestOne fund accounting and administration system – and accurately process investment accounting transactions for each affected fund.

  • Eliminate the need for manual entries, paper notifications and laborious reviews; improve transparency; and reduce risk, infrastructure maintenance and costs.
  • Process data straight from a range of upstream corporate actions management platforms, thanks to our adoption of a standard canonical data input format.
  • Link decision makers on all voluntary and optional actions and produce accounting entries for the entitlements that these events generate.
  • For scalability, group corporate actions types into processing flow classes, with defined routing rules based on their characteristics.
  • Configure new corporate actions types with minimal programming effort.

Data Exchange

Meet Broad Reporting Requirements with an Advanced Investor Portal

Data Exchange

Asset managers and their investors are actively sharing and consuming more detailed portfolio information than ever before, and each has specific needs. As part of FIS™’ suite of fund administration systems, Data Exchange provides a sophisticated client and investor experience for secure document access, interactive reporting and advanced data visualization.

  • Provide investors with on-demand access to data and documents and an easy-to-navigate interface, while providing asset managers with a robust investor portal solution capable of supporting comprehensive demand.
  • Support your firm’s brand with an investor portal that becomes a seamless extension of your web presence.
  • Interactive reporting and analysis functionality helps you meet growing requirements for on-demand data with a sophisticated client and end-customer experience.
  • Empower users with a self-service model that enables them to access capital event activities and monitor portfolio details themselves.
  • Benefit from stress-free administration, with the ability to share announcements, seamless integration with relationship management functionality and a detailed audit trail.
  • Integrates seamlessly with our Investment Operations suite of fund administration systems

Derivatives Processing

Achieve Transparency while Managing Risk

As market turbulence has forced asset managers to turn to new asset types, transparency and the need to effectively identify risk and exposure are critical for fund administration systems. The Front Arena derivatives processing solution from FIS™ provides traders with pricing, trading and position management, real-time profit and loss, and risk and sensitivity analysis.

  • View your portfolios from the highest level, customizing them according to relevant criteria, and drill down to the lowest levels in real time.
  • Facilitate the creation of complex instruments with the InvestOne investment accounting software derivatives builder module.
  • Integrate seamlessly with daily functions and other fund administration systems.
  • Reversal, rebook and replay to InvestOne’s Multiple Books of Record (MBOR).
  • Access granular data for exception management and reporting.

Financial Reporting

A Flexible Financial Reporting Solution for Traditional and Alternative Portfolios

With mutual fund and alternative investment strategies continuing to converge, robust financial reporting software is critical to providing the precise, timely information regulators and investors demand across a range of asset classes. Integrating seamlessly with our fund administration systems, FIS™ offers a stable, scalable and flexible financial reporting solution for both traditional and alternative portfolios.

  • Simplify the reporting process with an automated financial reporting solution, improving operational efficiency.
  • Reduce fund administration and investor reporting costs with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that requires no additional hardware or software license costs.
  • Ensure rapid, accurate data processing for schedules, investor documents and compliance reports.
  • Introduce high levels of speed, accuracy and operational control to financial reporting and content management and accommodate the increased volume and complexity of your reporting responsibilities.
  • Conform to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Hedge Fund Administration

Increase Operational Efficiency, Speed and Effectiveness

Hedge fund administrators must keep pace with their hedge fund clients who operate in an environment of rapid change, with increased needs around global compliance and multilingual and multicurrency reporting. FIS™ supports the processes and cycles that underpin hedge fund administration and portfolio accounting by providing a highly flexible and robust hedge fund software solution.

  • Access an integrated, efficient and consistent hedge fund administration platform.
  • Support innovative instruments and strategies and their often complex operational requirements.
  • Increase the efficiency, speed, effectiveness and scale of middle- and back-office operations.
  • Aid your hedge fund firm’s growth with traditional fund accounting, NAV and additional outsourced and advisory hedge fund administration services.

Learn more about our full front-to-back hedge fund offerings.

Investment Accounting

Gain Efficiency and Insight with Investment Accounting Software

Whether you’re an asset manager, fund administrator or institutional investor, the global investment environment is more competitive and operationally challenging than ever, and the pressure is on to make data transparent, versatile, accurate and available. InvestOne is an investment accounting and fund administration software solution that meets today’s – and tomorrow’s – requirements.

  • Draw on a single source of transaction data to process any number and type of portfolio accounting and fund administration calculations in real time.
  • Eliminate the complexity and redundancy of maintaining separate, disparate investment accounting software solutions.
  • Maintain a broad range of account types on one database – from pension funds, institutional portfolios and endowments to hedge funds and mutual funds.
  • Gain greater insight into your holdings, enhance operational efficiencies and increase productivity through business process management (BPM) and web technologies.
  • Seamlessly integrate with a full range of middle- and back-office solutions as part of FIS’ Investment Operations suite of fund administration systems and technology.

Operations Management and Workflow

Increase Transparency, Gain Efficiencies

With investors and regulators seeking greater transparency, you need evidence that your fund administration systems and processes are robust; however, continued reliance on manual tasks can stand in the way of clarity and control. Founded on highly automated fund administration technology, FIS™’ Control Center converts work processes into manageable electronic checklists and easy-to-read dashboards.

  • Gain a centralized dashboard view of all cross-organization investment operations and fund administration activities.
  • With greater control over your processes and fund administration systems, shift your focus to more urgent tasks, increase efficiency and reduce operational risk.
  • Eliminate manual information gathering with real-time status to all stakeholders.
  • Connect to other systems and orchestrate the full life cycle of any operational process from a central hub.
  • Increase transparency on all operational activities and create a consolidated, online audit package.

Performance Measurement

Enhance Portfolio Decision Making for Improved Results

Performance Measurement

With investors pushing for higher returns and greater transparency into investment decisions, you must arm yourself with fund administration systems that help you optimize portfolio decision-making, improve performance and stay in compliance. The performance measurement software module of FIS™’ solution provides insight into performance and enables effective internal and client communication.

  • Gain critical insight that can drive more effective decision-making.
  • Increase efficiency with sophisticated performance measurement software that calculates and stores rates of return data for portfolios and composites.
  • Access a complete library of reports, along with ad hoc reporting tools.
  • Better manage performance anomalies.

Pricing and Data Services

Manage the Pricing Life Cycle with Price Validation Services

In a highly regulated environment, independent price validation and data services can help you reduce risk, free up staff time for mission-critical functions and help you meet service level agreements. As part of our integrated suite of fund administration systems, FIS™ offers full price validation services, validated corporate actions, and broker and counterparty price collection services.

  • Enhance accuracy, timeliness and service while reducing staffing costs.
  • Rely on the consistent and accurate extraction of data, whatever the format of the broker or counterparty reports.
  • Protect your reputation with an independent price validation service.
  • Eliminate the need for manual, error-prone data collection and processing.
  • Streamline your operations and reduce the risks inherent in fund administration and NAV production processes with our data validation service.

Private Equity Fund Administration

Eliminate the Complexities of Private Equity Fund Administration

As a fund administrator, complexity can rule your day as you help customers solve new challenges, support growth and control costs. FIS™’ Investran provides a private equity fund administration solution for performing key functions such as managing complex fund structures and supporting multiple sets of books while automating calculations and complex functions.

  • Support a wide array of direct investments and fund structures with private equity software.
  • Easily access data in the format you need – Presentation-quality financial statements, formatted investor capital accounts or ad hoc trial balance queries.
  • Simplify the management of complex fund structures and perform allocations dynamically with sophisticated fund administration and accounting software.
  • Empower the fund managers you support with sophisticated features, including access to our interactive data exchange investor portal solutions.
  • Enable the distribution of capital call and distribution notices, as well as the management of relationships, contacts and mailing preferences.

Learn more about our private equity offerings.


Extend Automation with Investment Accounting Reconciliation Software

With increasing regulatory pressure and requirements for processing transparency, choosing the right investment accounting reconciliation software is essential. The IntelliMatch operational control solution suite from FIS™ integrates with our suite of fund administration systems to help manage reconciliation and system validation while reducing costs and risk.

  • Expand the traditional scope of automated reconciliation software solutions, beyond cash, trades, positions and net asset value (NAV).
  • Incorporate new areas such as margin/collateral, feeds, pricing and static data.
  • Support potentially complex reconciliations across a wide range of asset classes, including total equity reconciliations for derivatives against clearing brokers.
  • Increase levels of automation across all reconciliation types, reducing manual activity in both matching and exception management.
  • Make reconciliation software and operations more efficient and cost-effective through a centralized approach to data and system validation.

Risk Management

Reaping the Rewards of Risk Integration

As asset managers explore new ways to meet their investment objectives, they are increasingly viewing risk not only from a monitoring and compliance perspective, but also as a gateway to success. Fully integrated with our fund administration systems, FIS™’ APT risk management system automates buy-side risk management and risk reporting processes for institutional investment firms.

  • Make buy-side risk management an integral part of the overall investment process.
  • Gain a powerful risk management system for greater visibility into enterprisewide risk over a wider range of asset classes.
  • Enhance investment strategy and improve the decision-making process.
  • Pursue more innovative, higher-yielding strategies with greater confidence.
  • Fully automate risk reporting with sophisticated what-if analyses that weigh the impact of changing market conditions and unforeseen macro circumstances

Transfer Agency and Investor Services

Accurate, Transparent Reports

Investors and regulators require detailed, accurate records and timely, transparent reports. Fully integrated with our suite of fund administration systems, FIS™’ Transfer Agency is a high-volume, real-time solution for multiasset class investor servicing and reporting. In addition, we provide dedicated, independent transfer agency and shareholding services that do not compete with your core competencies.

  • Provide clients with the ability to access their investor information online at their convenience.
  • Process global investments with multicurrency options.
  • Improve efficiency with seamless connectivity to other applications to facilitate straight-through processing (STP) and distribution of investment products.
  • Return your focus to client services, letting sophisticated tools handle the data.
  • Or use FIS’ full Investor Services BPO solution for expertise and high-quality shareholder servicing.