APEX Securities Finance

A complete suite of solutions for all aspects of Securities Finance from trade entry to regulatory reporting

The challenge of managing regulatory compliance, improving operational efficiency and utilizing specialized resources requires market participants to find solutions which should be that address their stock borrowing and lending, repo, securities finance and collateral management requirements without compromising on profitability.

Whether you are on the supply or demand side of the securities finance business, FIS helps you maintain agile growth and run smarter operations by providing:

  • Proven solutions to manage and automate your entire securities finance business
  • Innovative enterprise-wide collateral management, trading and optimization
  • Access to global intraday securities lending market data and insightful analysis
  • Professional services offering deep domain expertise and strong technology skills
  • Managed solutions that offer on-site and remote infrastructure and development services

Agent Lending

Facilitating lending on either an agency or principal basis

Agent Lending

Our Global One Agent Lending platform provides all of the key functionality to facilitate lending on either an agency or principal basis. It addresses the need for a quick availability enquiry, for both current and future dated stock positions, coupled with the ability to book a trade with the minimum amount of data entry.

Choosing FIS allows for:

  • A fast and efficient way of checking overall and counterparty-specific availability for single stock or a requested list of securities
  • Availability views filtered by, for example, market or index
  • Available inventory for current day and future dates
  • Availability enquiry summarized by dividend requirement, location/custody bank and individual funds
  • Ability to import broker requirements via data upload
  • Full credit checking, trade defaults and “agency risk” restrictions
  • Option for manual or automatic loan allocation with fair allocation of securities from underlying funds via the auto allocation algorithm

Managed Services

A flexible business model, allowing you to remain focused on running your business

FIS’ managed services offer a flexible business model, allowing you to remain focused on running your business while we get on with what we do best: supporting and developing services around the management and improvement of technology.

Our offering provides fully matched, long-term arrangements and options that are driven by service level agreements and a fully consultative process including 24/7 production support and maintenance of your application portfolio.

Our global delivery model enables you to leverage our highly skilled delivery teams in secure onshore and offshore locations to support your securities finance and collateral management operations.

Dedicated support

A dedicated service team of experienced business and technical analysts.

Blended service levels

Our dedicated on-site/onshore delivery model is often mixed and matched with our co-located offsite retention and expertise call down.

Risk mitigation

Our commitment to deliver market expertise in-house, co-located, offshore or as a blend is designed to reduce the risk of reliance on single points of expertise.

Enhanced service

Our integrated vendor support provides expertise and staff augmentation that contributes to the development of the client environment through on-going maintenance of software versions, support of new business initiatives and an open approach.

Market Data

Market information solutions to provide performance measurement, program management and increased transparency

Market data

Executives across the securities financing spectrum need accurate market data to satisfy regulatory mandates, capitalize on opportunities and benchmark their performance.

FIS’ award-winning Astec Analytics solutions deliver global intraday rate and volume information on securities lending transactions as well as analytics and benchmarking tools for trading, performance measurement and program management to international financial institutions involved in investment management and securities finance.

Traders no longer have to make do with stale data. You can access intraday securities lending data online and leverage valuable analytical tools in your spreadsheets via a custom add-in or in data feeds that can be integrated into your own systems.

Astec Analytics' up-to-date data increases transparency in the market and helps you identify market trends and trade more effectively.

Astec Analytics

FIS’ Astec Analytics offers a suite of market information solutions to provide performance measurement, program management and increased transparency for all market participants within the securities financing market.

Professional Services

Helping to ease system design and integration

Our professional services can help to ease system design and integration by bridging data and information gaps through improved business process management (BPM). Post system go-live, we can help keep it current to maximize the benefits and train your staff to efficiently and effectively use it. 

Financial firms choose FIS’ professional services to:

  • Rapidly deploy customized solutions without increasing the size of their development team
  • Cost-efficiently upgrade and extend FIS, in-house and third-party systems
  • Integrate systems using proven knowledge, tools and code
  • Increase efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their IT investment

Our professional services teams provide innovative and on-time services covering:

  • Technical database and application environment upgrades
  • Core system builds to service test and delivery needs
  • Business process analysis to plan around product change
  • Application upgrades and understanding of the overall impact
Professional services

Regulatory Compliance

Manage compliance around regulatory reporting

Regulatory compliance

FIS continues to adapt our securities finance solutions to support the evolving regulatory landscape through dialog with the market and engagement with industry associations.

Whether the challenge is to manage compliance around reporting and data handling, synchronize data models so that risk analytics provide consistent and reliable results, or balance the need to divert capital from investment in growth opportunities to regulatory compliance, FIS securities finance solutions can meet your needs.

Choosing FIS provides the ability to:

  • Leverage customized, flexible solutions that automate and centralize risk calculation throughout the organization
  • Ensure efficient and proactive risk management that is in compliance with new regulations
  • Back test to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure the accuracy of models used in trading strategies
  • Demonstrate compliance via detailed reporting and audit trails


Control your global repo needs with a sophisticated, real-time technology platform

Our solutions for repo trading provide comprehensive support for your repo and securities borrowing and lending business. They incorporate global, real-time position management, flexible trade capture, and effective support for a broad range of short and long term, bi-lateral and tri-party repo transaction types.

FIS offers flexible and streamlined processing, whether you are using repo as a cash raising or secured cash investment tool, or looking to transform assets and increase yield by repo-ing your securities portfolio. 

Our solutions help you control your global repo needs with a sophisticated, real-time technology platform that helps you:

  • Improve global, real-time positions management and trading efficiency
  • Drive down the cost of handling multiple, complex repo transaction types
  • Manage the profit and loss implications of your repo-related activity
  • Control the counterparty and interest rate risk of your repo books

Apex Securities Finance for Repo

FIS’ Apex Securities Finance for Repo solution is a real-time technology platform that helps you manage your global repo requirements, control repo costs and optimize your repo profitability.


Securities Lending

Global trading and operations solution for securities lending

Solutions suite

Our securities lending solutions help you automate your entire trade lifecycle from order routing, trading, position management and operations through to accounting, settlement and reporting.

Choosing FIS gives you the ability to:

  • Make more informed trading decisions through connectivity to trading platforms
  • Maximize the potential of your firm’s securities and cash portfolios through true real-time global positions management, with support for "follow the sun" securities finance trading
  • Achieve smarter operations by automating and supporting the needs of your securities lending and treasury operations areas while complying with global regulations
  • Join a large community of lenders and borrowers utilizing a common processing environment

Apex Securities Finance

FIS’ Apex Securities Finance is a global trading and operations solution for securities lending, repo and collateral management that provides a holistic view across multiple business entities, currencies and products.

Simplified Market Deployment

Comprehensive securities finance offering delivered through a fully managed service

FIS has responded to today’s diverse and rapidly evolving market place by providing an innovative new solution, Apex360, which offers an “out-of-the-box” solution that enables our clients to rapidly get up and running, with ease of implementation.

The solution offers:

  • An intuitively structured solution delivering core functionality to support the broad range of securities financing activity
  • Integrated securities finance market data providing valuable pre- and post-trade analytics
  • An efficient deployment model minimizing the resources required for implementation, including the ability to integrate with up and down stream requirements utilizing pre-defined planned parameters
  • A hosted and fully managed environment providing the benefit of FIS’ industry and solution knowledge and expertise  

The solution is based on the market-leading Apex Securities Finance product which provides a consolidated platform that supports principal securities finance models for the entire range of repo and securities borrowing and lending.  


FIS’ Apex360 is a comprehensive securities finance offering delivered through a fully managed service, providing extensive front office and operational functionality with efficient implementation via a standardized delivery model.

Simplified market deployment

U.S Domestic

Complete solution from trade initiation through to the final return

US domestic

FIS’ Loanet solution suite for the North American market helps broker-dealers, custodian banks, agent lenders and other market participants manage their entire securities finance business, from trade initiation through to the final return. 

Some highlights include:

Seg optimization

This operates in conjunction with your in-house processing system or services bureau to provide real-time seg substitution capabilities and identify hard stock availability via "what if" capabilities.

Short Sale Locates

Industry rules and regulations are placing greater emphasis on short sales compliance. Loanet Short Sale Locates helps you address many of the authorization requirements as well as your firm’s specific guidelines for securities requiring locates.

Accounting and settlement

This option integrates your securities lending activity – including borrow and loan activity that settles through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) – with your trading, bookkeeping, stock record, risk, capital, credit, regulatory, settlement and funding systems. 

Regulation and compliance

This centralized, real-time solution complies with SEC Rule 15c3-3 and Regulation SHO and helps to automate reserve formula calculations to ensure efficient use of firm capital and accurate margin account segregation in line with industry regulations.