Energy Commodities Trading Software

Compete on a Global Scale with Energy Trading Software

Emerging economies are demanding a greater share of limited fossil fuels, and environmental concerns are placing constraints on production. Further, regulators demand more transparency, accountability and open markets. FIS™ offers a comprehensive energy and commodity trading and risk management (ETRM) system and energy trading software for credit risk management, market data, accounting and treasury.

  • Empower energy and commodity traders with streamlined energy trading software solutions for faster and smarter decision making.
  • Enable pipeline and storage operators with more effective pipeline operations management capabilities; provide power generators and fuel suppliers with effective ETRM software solutions for natural gas and power operations management.
  • Improve controls and gain transparency into all aspects of the trading business with a comprehensive approach to managing risk and regulatory compliance.
  • Access global real-time and historical data, news and analytics in any energy sector.
  • Use nonsimulation- or simulation-based approaches, as well as more than 800 forward curves to gain a better understanding of the possible impacts of extreme market conditions.
  • Increase efficiencies and productivity in accounting and treasury by optimizing and automating processes, reducing errors and integrating disparate ETRM systems.

Energy and Commodity Trading

Smart Energy Trading Software for Physical and Financial Trading

Energy and commodities markets in our globalized economy are in constant change, with supply and demand price imbalances and regulatory environments that vary by country. FIS™’ energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software can help you face the challenges of this complex market.

Aligne – Streamline trading processes, make well-informed decisions, achieve audit and regulatory compliance and better analyze risk to optimize trading strategies.

  • Compete more efficiently by streamlining and integrating the trading, risk management and operations of physical commodities and their associated financial instruments.
  • Gain comprehensive market information through real-time data, connectivity and analytics to help you contend with price volatility.
  • More closely monitor complex multimodal supply chains and operational life cycles so you recalibrate as needed to ensure maximum profitability.

Kiodex – A software as a service (SaaS) ETRM platform focused on real-time trade capture, mark-to-market and risk management.

  • Gain greater insight with trading and hedging alerts for monitoring position limits, margin or profit and loss in real time.
  • Get independent commodity portfolio valuation and risk service to help comply with regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Leverage the middle-office outsourcing offering to cover daily trade processing, trading and reconciliation, OTC confirmation, cash management, payroll and contribution processing, and compliance testing and reporting.

IntelliMatch Derivatives – Gain a single, highly automated reconciliation software platform to efficiently reconcile spots, futures and options trades.

  • Ensure rapid on-boarding of exchanges, clearing houses and clearing brokers with a constantly updated library of clearing report templates.
  • Integrate seamlessly with clearing brokers, ETRM software and back-office systems.
  • Provide a unique consolidated view of trades, positions and cash settlement components and facilitate the identification, tracking and resolution of exceptions.
  • Support additional asset classes as well as intraday and end-of-day cash reconciliation, confirmation matching and internal system-to-system validation.

Gas and Power Operations

Energy Trading Software to Keep You Ahead of the Curve

As the natural gas and power markets converge, power generators and fuel suppliers have to remain flexible to optimize their operational assets. FIS™ can help you face the challenges with our advanced suite of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software.

  • Aligne for natural gas operations – Make the timely decisions needed to maximize capacity while avoiding imbalance penalties. Our energy trading software automates workflows, aggregates data and provides a smooth integration of physical risk and accounting systems.
  • Aligne for power operations – Provides all the integrated information energy marketers, generation owners and load providers need for scheduling, along with superior energy trading software tools for everything from contract compliance to settlement calculations, billing to invoicing, real-time generation dispatch and curtailment management.
  • Aligne for fuels management – Manage inventories and logistics, thus reducing the cost of procuring, transporting or consuming fuel.

Market Data and Risk Analytics

Faster Access to the Data You Need

In the volatile energy commodity markets, the speed and accuracy of information are critical to effective energy trading decisions. This data has to be verified and accurate, go back further in time, and be stored and accessible for longer periods. FIS™’ energy trading software integrates with several market data solutions.

  • MarketMap – Flexible, cost-effective access to comprehensive, global, real-time and historical data, news and analytics to help traders in any energy sector chart, organize, update and analyze data. Conduct fast and reliable research and easy data manipulations in a high-speed data storage environment.
  • Aligne – Advanced risk assessment and management tools designed specifically for energy traders and risk managers. Integrate seamlessly with energy trading software to measure a wide range of risks using nonsimulation- or simulation-based approaches to provide a better understanding of the possible impacts of extreme market conditions.
  • Kiodex – a web-based application that provides commodity traders with market data that includes more than 800 forward curves, volatility surfaces and correlation term structures for a wide range of assets. It also helps improve transparency with primary mark or validation tools for commodity portfolios.

Pipeline Operations

Create Efficiencies with Commercial Pipeline Operations Management Software

The increasing global demand for natural gas has led to production growth and infrastructure expansion. To compete for new business, natural gas pipeline operators are seeking innovative ways to manage their commercial pipeline operations more efficiently. FIS™ offers trading commercial pipeline operations management software solutions to help you face the challenges.

Aligne – Commercial pipeline operations management software for pipeline operators, local distribution companies and storage operators, provides a unique tariff and operational framework that supports real-time processing of pipeline and storage transactions for U.S. nonregulated, FERC-regulated and Mexico’s CRE-regulated natural gas pipelines.

  • Streamline day-to-day business processes, such as nominations, scheduling, contract maintenance, allocations, imbalance management and invoicing.
  • Make timely decisions by using real-time data from SCADA or other measurement systems, instead of old data.
  • Ensure NAESB compliance by maintaining historic data for reporting and timely response to inquiries.

Risk and Compliance Management

Risk and Compliance Management

Complex and ever-evolving regulatory requirements are driving the demand for solutions that can help companies improve controls, provide transparency into all aspects of the trading business and offer the detailed, timely reporting these regulations require. FIS™ offers several energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software solutions.

Aligne for risk and compliance officers – Comprehensive ETRM functionality for a wide variety of corporate and governmental regulatory compliance.

  • Ensure a full audit trail and internal controls for invoicing of all items, as well as the assurance of full purchase price allocation.
  • Automate the process for maintaining compliance with hedge accounting regulations and assess the impact of operational strategies on taxes and financial statements.
  • Meet Dodd-Frank compliance requirements by acquiring the ability to monitor position limits in real time, to report creation and continuation data to the swap data repositories and to calculate regulatory capital requirements.

Aligne for credit managers – ETRM tools to manage current and future exposure, bad debt expense and cash flow, with more than 30 standard credit reports to enforce credit policy

  • Manage internal and external rating agencies, ratings and credit limits using real-time alerts and credit limits to ensure credit is reviewed with every deal.
  • Capture credit annex data related to your ISDA and EEI agreements for improved margining and thresholds; manage collateral and guarantees, including parental guarantees, bonds, cash and T-bills used for risk transfer.
  • Calculate credit value at risk and use Monte Carlo simulation to calculate credit VaR, PFE, expected loss and unexpected loss.

Treasury and Accounting

Boost Productivity through Consistency and Efficiency

In accounting and treasury, increasing productivity is all about eliminating manual processes, minimizing redundant tasks, reducing errors, automating day-to-day activities and integrating disparate systems. FIS™ can help you face the challenges with several solutions, which in turn can be integrated with our energy trading software.

The Aligne accounting and finance solution helps standardize processes across commodities and delivers straight-through processing from deal entry to journal entry.

  • Streamline and automate day-to-day functions and back-office processes such as invoicing, settlement and adjustments to reduce redundancies and create efficiencies.
  • Easily settle standard and structured transactions in both the wholesale and commercial and industrial markets with the automatic creation of accounting entries.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance through strict security control and audit on transactions with enforcement of separation of duties.

FIS’ treasury and cash management solution suite helps improve treasury and order-to-cash processes, including credit, collections and billing to increase cash flow.

The IntelliMatch Operational Control reconciliation software and exception management solution helps ensure data integrity between accounting, treasury, data warehouse and other supporting systems, for compliance and control.

  • Manage daily bank, receivables and payables reconciliations with a highly automated reconciliation software and exception management platform.
  • Streamline month-end financial close processes by automating the capture and validation of cash flow data from multiple accounting and transactional systems.
  • Gain powerful tools for intraday liquidity monitoring, reporting and forecasting, plus the ability to interact with payments on a manual and automated basis.