Adapting to New Performance Expectations with Insurance Software

Increasing regulation, innovative competitors, better-informed customers, protracted low interest rates, and ongoing market and economic uncertainty demand effective strategies and efficient operations. FIS™’ extensive portfolio of insurance software solutions empowers you to reduce insurance system complexity; control costs; better manage risk, capital and products; make better business decisions; and engage successfully with valued customers.

Actuarial, Risk and Capital Management

Develop competitive products, improve risk and capital management and meet insurance risk reporting responsibilities with actuarial modeling and software. Deliver accurate, auditable information quickly across life, general insurance, health and pensions.

Core Data and Workflow Management

Administer back-office processes flexibly and efficiently with comprehensive functional and line-of-business coverage. Keep ahead of regulatory developments and deliver a holistic service experience to life and healthcare customers.

Finance, Accounting and Payments

Improve processes and their efficiency, manage and mitigate financial risk, and enhance profitability. Overcome current insurance regulatory reporting challenges, and be prepared for tomorrow’s compliance demands.

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Incorporate a holistic view of risk into your investment strategy, increase process control and efficiency, and ensure timely and transparent reporting. Gain clearer insights into trading exposures and the value of derivative instruments.