Core Data and Workflow Management

Insurance Software for Greater Efficiency and Value

Managing complex customer, policy and other core data is central to the efficient management of an insurance organization. But beyond efficiency, you also need the ability to use your data to better understand your customers and provide solutions they genuinely value. FIS™' insurance software can set you apart from your competitors, reduce insurance system complexity and inefficiencies and better manage costs.

  • Better manage data from complex sources and streamline its processing in support of key business functions, such as claims, member services, marketing and legal.
  • Convert data into meaningful insurance business intelligence to facilitate better decision-making.
  • Take new products to market faster.
  • Use your data more effectively to create a better experience for your customers.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance through better processes.

Content and Workflow Management

Integrate and Streamline Your Insurance Systems and Processes

Many insurance and healthcare providers are focused on reducing complexity, costs and risk, which requires connecting disparate insurance systems, processes and stakeholders to establish a more cohesive network. FIS™’ Macess, an insurance software solution for business process and enterprise content management, helps firms align insurance systems and streamline workflows, increasing efficiency and customer value.

  • Connect people, processes and insurance systems, improving how clients and employees interact with information and each other.
  • Ensure important data is securely and efficiently routed when and where it is needed by key functional areas.
  • Improve organizational agility, efficiency and productivity, including through process automation.
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance customer experience and competitiveness.

Data Capture

Let Insurance Software Manage the Influx of Information

Insurers and health plan administrators are bombarded by data in a variety of formats, and they must get a handle on it to ensure an accurate customer profile, improve efficiency and lower the cost of cover. FIS™’ FormWorks insurance software solution captures data for paper and electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions to streamline transaction processing.

  • Rely on a single insurance software solution to centrally support data capture needs across claims, member/provider service, enrollment, appeals, authorizations, contracting, marketing, legal and other functions.
  • Ensure quality control and reduce manual data entry and processing.
  • Increase accuracy by eliminating most front-end data capture submission errors.
  • Improve efficiency and cut costs with improved paper and EDI auto-adjudication rates.
  • Improve how clients and employees interact with information and with each other.

Policy Administration

Improve Speed to Market and Service with a Superior Insurance System

Taking products to market quickly is a fundamental requirement in a competitive market, yet legacy core operations can hinder efficiency and progress. FIS™’ Compass is an advanced insurance system for policy administration that supports life, health and pension product providers, addressing all aspects of the administrative process on a single platform for streamlined processes.

  • Extend access and integrate to third-party insurance software solutions or customer self-service applications.
  • Adapt more quickly to changing business and regulatory requirements using a flexible rules engine.
  • Provide timely and actionable information to decision makers throughout the organization.
  • Introduce new products more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Enable better customer service through sophisticated insurance software.