Closely Track and Report on Insurance Investment Performance

Insurers require clear insight into their risk exposure related to their investments, especially when the pursuit of higher returns and better insurance investment performance is driving them to explore riskier asset classes. FIS™ offers a variety of insurance software solutions to improve their understanding of the risks and meet growing demands for detailed reporting.

  • Gain clearer insight into your exposure.
  • Improve and more fully incorporate risk into your investment strategy.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Make more profitable decisions based on data-driven insights into insurance investment performance.

Independent Valuations

More Accurately Assess Risk

Investments - Independent_Valuations

Transparency and third-party validation of derivative valuations have become central to the reforms sweeping through the industry. Whatever your investment strategy or the complexity of the derivative instruments in your portfolios, FIS™’ FastVal integrates with our insurance software to give you greater clarity into the value of your trades and holdings.

  • Assess the risk of derivatives trades.
  • Ensure complex over-the-counter derivatives trades are sufficiently collateralized.
  • More fully comply with derivatives regulation.
  • Enable the structuring of complex structured products.
  • Validate internal derivatives pricing models.
  • Demonstrate commitment to transparency through independent valuation of derivatives.

Investment Portfolio Management

Clearer Insights into Your Exposure

In a fast-moving market with intense regulatory scrutiny, implementing the right insurance systems for portfolio management, order management, investment risk measurement, monitoring and reporting is essential. FIS™’ Front Arena solutions gives you unparalleled insight into all exposures and insurance investment performance across your trading activities while helping you keep up to date with regulatory demands.

  • Reveals all market risks and tests your positions’ sensitivities to them, no matter how basic or intricate the deal.
  • Monitors and manages positions in real time so you can make split-second, informed decisions about holding or hedging exposures.
  • Enables you to make more profitable decisions by running multiple future scenarios and what-if trades.
  • Prepares you for worst-case scenarios such as counterparty failure and other unforeseen events.
Investments - Independent Valuations

Sales and Distribution

Smart Insurance Software for Compelling Illustrations

Investments - Sales and Distribution

Educated prospects assessing which product to choose will review your illustrations carefully, compare them with your competitors and ask probing questions. That’s why your policy illustrations must be accurate, compellingly presented and compliant. FIS’ Illustrations, an insurance software solution for enterprise-level policy quotation and illustrations, provides you with comprehensive illustration functionality in one system.

  • Speed the introduction and sale of new products.
  • Increase clarity so you can meet the needs of your clients.
  • Keep costs low with a solution that integrates with your existing technology.
  • Engage better with customers with sharper presentation capabilities.
  • Help sales agents’ productivity.