FIS Prophet


The End-to-end System for Actuarial Modeling and Insurance Risk Management

FIS™ Prophet is an award-winning risk management solution for insurers, covering the calculations required for regulators and risk managers and providing the tools necessary for data and process management.

Deployed on premise or in the cloud, FIS Prophet brings high performance, control, scale and automation to actuarial modeling and results management.

How FIS Empowers Insurance Risk Management

Discover the all-in-one system that is simplifying actuarial modeling and risk management

Achieve a Unified View of Risk

Empower all stakeholders to view and analyze the full spectrum of calculations and results in a single environment, enabling you to maximize resources and reduce operational risk

Meet Reporting Requirements with Ease

Automate your ability to meet asset liability management and reporting requirements such as IFRS 17 and US GAAP LDTI

Focus on Value-added Activities

Increase efficiency by leveraging enterprise tools and reusable models, and spend more time on high-value tasks

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