Credit Card Fraud Protection

Prevention, Detection and Recovery

The fraudsters become craftier by the day, working hard to break through your secure systems and steal customer data. We have solutions to stop fraud at the ATM and point of sale and reduce card and check fraud. In addition, our comprehensive SecurLOCK suite provides all these benefits for effectively managing risk.

  • Dynamically block suspicious transactions as they occur.
  • Adjust alerts as threats specific to your institution emerge.
  • Quickly regain control after a breach by selectively blocking accounts, automatically communicating with affected cardholders, expediting new plastics and creating the audit trail.
  • Create and monitor a customized plan that keeps you on top of fraud trends.
  • Influence customer behavior and reduce collections based on behavioral scores.
  • Empower your customers to combat fraud.
  • Recoup losses that are typically unrecoverable with our warranty program.

Credit Card Fraud Protection

Planning and Executing a Smooth EMV Migration

FIS Credit Card Fraud Protection Solutions

Bring a higher level of security to cardholders and merchants with comprehensive EMV for card issuance, merchant services, and network and ATM deployment. Our fully compliant solutions include everything you need to deliver personalized chip cards to new and existing customers. Take advantage of expert guidance from FIS and realize all these benefits:

  • Seamless migration
  • Decreased counterfeit card fraud
  • Increased consumer confidence and top-of-wallet status
  • Chip marketing, education and communication support
  • Chip card-enabled devices for point-of-sale transactions
  • Chip card-enabled ATM fleet upgrades

Fraud Protection for Checks

Sophisticated Filters and Neural Network Technology

In the AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey (2016), 71 percent of respondents said checks were their primary target of fraud attacks. Common methods included alteration of MICR lines, payee names and dollar amounts and counterfeited checks. FIS™ delivers the tools you need to help prevent check fraud.

  • Empower your tellers to stop fraud at the teller line by reviewing on-screen signature cards.
  • Catch suspicious items with filters that flag high dollar, special watch, new account, non-MICR, serial or amount variance, kiting, NSF screening and more.
  • Automatically conduct a check-by-check comparison with our positive pay solution that flags all items with variations.
  • Identify suspicious checks and account activity with sophisticated fraud filters and neural-network technology that detect fraud before it becomes a loss.
  • Protect commercial customers with account reconciliation monitors related to paper, ACH, wire transfers, internet and electronic transactions.
FIS Fraud Protection for Checks Solutions

Point of Sale/ATM

Protection for Customers Making Withdrawals or Purchases

FIS Point of Sale Solutions

When fraud detection rates go up, net fraud losses go down, whether your customer is swiping their card at the ATM or at a merchant’s payment terminal. The FIS™ Global Intelligent Profiling solution combines fraud data related to the specific ATM with cardholder transactional activity, making predictions about risk more precise and reliable. Similarly, our Fraud Predictor solution combines the cardholder’s transactional history with that of the merchant where they are making a purchase.

  • Lower net fraud losses as a result of significantly higher detection rates.
  • Reduce chargebacks by identifying fraud earlier.
  • Improve customer service by eliminating unnecessary calls from analysts.