Digital Payment Systems

Efficiency, Convenience and Security

To build deeper relationships with your retail customers and small business clients, you want them to consider your institution the center of their financial dealings. The digital payment solutions from FIS™ enable you to provide customers with convenience and control, along with security measures that give them peace of mind.

  • Empower customers to gain control of payment reminders and scheduling, automatic bill pay options and expedited payments using FIS Bill Pay.
  • Provide business customers with a robust bill payment solution designed specifically for the complex needs of businesses with multiple users.
  • Enable customers to make real-time, person-to-person (P2P) payments with FIS’ People Pay.
  • Give customers the ability to make account-to-account (A2A) transfers between multiple institutions in real time using FIS Transfer.
  • Safeguard customer data and meet regulatory requirements with multilayered fraud management technologies.
  • Win new customers, cross-sell to existing customers and build loyalty.

FIS’ online banking solutions can further empower your retail customers to conduct banking in their time, on their terms, and business clients to manage complex cash management transactions.

ATM Driving, Processing and Monitoring

Reliability, High Availability and Extensive Monitoring

FIS ATM Driving Solutions

When a customer approaches your ATM, they just want to conduct their banking and be on their way. While it may seem that all ATM driving providers offer the same functionality, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that makes a big difference. FIS™ can help you transform the ATM experience and more fully engage the customer while offering all these benefits:

  • Personalized service by our ATM services team that supports you through the conversion and day to day, 24/7
  • Control over your environment with web-based tools that provide you with real-time access to your data
  • Automatic alerts when an event threatens to affect your ATM performance
  • Monitoring reports that detail event history, status code frequency and ATM availability
  • Certification and testing at FIS’ ATM test labs where we validate new products, hardware and software and bring them quickly to market

EFT Switches

Complete Functionality for Processing Electronic Payment Transactions

By opting for world-class payment delivery for EFT transaction acquiring, switching, authorization and network access, you can improve your competitive position. The high-volume, high-availability transaction switch solutions from FIS make it easier and more cost-effective to bring new products and services to market and match your customers’ evolving expectations.

  • Process transactions from any source: ATM, point of sale, internet and mobile devices.
  • Easily interface with a wide range of security, reporting and in-house or third-party payment processing modules.
  • Handle the highest volumes of transactions.
  • Reduce your maintenance and ownership costs.
  • Speed development and product launch.
  • Facilitate your business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.
FIS EFT Switches Solutions

Real-time Payments

Building a Future-proof, Real-time Payments Environment

FIS Real-time Solutions

The global banking community is awash with initiatives for faster payments infrastructures that can transfer funds from one account to another in near real time. At FIS™, we believe an immediate payments platform should make the initiation of payments easier, conduct fraud checks in real time and embrace the changing regulatory climate.

  • Our service-oriented Open Payment Framework (OPF) facilitates the entire transaction value chain while enhancing and enriching payments information.
  • PayNet® is a real-time, open loop network designed as a collaborative industrywide solution – one that delivers on the Federal Reserve’s call for speed, security, efficiency and interoperability.

These innovative platforms will continue to evolve, but are already powering capabilities such as People Pay, FIS’ person-to-person (P2P) solution, as well as FIS Transfer, which facilitates account-to-account (A2A) transfers.