Enterprise Debit Card

Centralized Payments Systems across the Enterprise

With FIS™ Enterprise Payments, financial institutions can implement a centralized payments infrastructure that facilitates origination through instruction management to execution across the enterprise. Payment transactions are processed and managed irrespective of the originating channel and independent from the target clearing/settlement system or the back-office silo.

  • Consolidated international and domestic payments
  • Full payment life cycle management
  • Customer interaction, order management and payment execution
  • Cost-based routing
  • Cost reduction and business process optimization
  • Fraud and laundering
  • Incoming and outgoing payment transparency
  • Payment processing insourcing and outsourcing
  • Maximizing STP

Open Payment Framework (OPF)

Proven Platform of Choice for Real-time Payments

FIS Open Payment Framework Solutions

To fully leverage your competitive advantage and maximize return on investment in immediate payments, you need an agile solution that can manage the potentially significant increase in the size of the payments message. The service-oriented architecture of Open Payment Framework provides the technology on which immediate payments schemes can be built:

  • Experience in UK Faster Payments, Singapore’s FAST, SIC Switzerland and many other ongoing initiatives
  • One hub built on next generation technology for all your payments needs, servicing both traditional and new world needs
  • Agile open payments platform suitable for manufacturer, distributor or both
  • A future-built platform for overlays enveloped with APIs

Payment Acquisition

Consistent Payment Initiation across Channels

As an expanding array of new payment mechanisms augment traditional channels, customers are gaining great flexibility in transacting business. But with this diversity comes complexity. Financial institutions must consolidate their payment infrastructure to facilitate efficient transaction origination across the enterprise. FIS™ delivers open payment solutions and components built from choreographed business processes and configurable services.

  • Remove technology legacy restrictions and increase STP.
  • Lower cost of ownership, harmonize customer service and respond to market demands.
  • Services include parsing, validation, cost-based routing, security, auditing and more.
FIS Payment Acquisition Solutions

Payment Clearing and Settlement

A Centralized Payments Engine for All Payment Types

FIS Payment Clearing and Settlement Solutions SWIFT accreditation logo

The rapidly evolving nature of global payment markets, coupled with regional regulatory changes, compromise the tactical and strategic decisions you need to make to remain relevant. At FIS™, we offer international payment market readiness pre-configured for a wide array of global clearing and settlement services for real-time and batch high- and low-value payments:

  • International payments
  • Domestic payments (SEPA, Immediate Payments, Fedwire, CHIPS, BACS, etc.)
  • Visibility and transparency in payments differentiated through value-added services
  • Improved management of fraud and risk