[FA103] AEF: Calculation Trees, ADFL and ACM

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

Much of the business logic available in PRIME is defined in the ARENA Class Model (ACM). A user interface makes it possible to customize and extend the ACM according to specific needs. The base logic here is written using the ARENA Dataflow Language (ADFL), which can reference all published ARENA Extension Language (AEL) and ARENA SQL (ASQL) functions. You also learn how to do basic customization.

Goal of the Course

After the course, participants will understand the possibilities of the ARENA Class Model. The course is a base for the "AEF for Equity Pricing" course.

Target Audience

Developers and consultants working with the customization and extension of Front Arena. Participants must be employed by a customer of SunGard Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

Participants need to be familiar with Front Arena and have a thorough understanding of PRIME and the ARENA Extension Framework (AEF).

Certification Exam Details

This course contributes to AEF Base Certification.

Type of Course: Technical/software deployment