[FA116] Front Arena Overview for Managers and Developers

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

Front Arena supports for sales, trading and risk management across asset classes, serving STP through front, middle and back offices. Front Arena is used around the globe, around the clock and in heterogeneous IT environments and can be customized to suit your particular way of doing business. A system offering such broad and deep functionality is complex to understand and requires much from the managers and developers who determine how it is used and implemented.

  • Functional scope of Front Arena – What can it do?
    1. Asset Classes catered for
    2. Trade life cycle support in the front, middle and back offices
    3. Design of the application
  • Front Arena Services – Turning the possibility into reality
    1. Delivery
    2. Support and customer service
    3. Training
  • Front Arena architecture and technology – How does it work?
    1. Data model and data flows
    2. Platform support
    3. Overview of component architecture
  • Front Arena customization and extension – How can it be customized, extended and integrated?
    1. ARENA SQL – Easy to build real-time applications and reports
    2. ARENA Extension Language – Customize and extend the ARENA business logic.
    3. ARENA Class Model Extensions/ARENA Data Flow Language – Extend and customize PRIME business logic.
    4. ARENA Message Broker-SDK – Build adapters that connect to the ARENA Message Broker.
    5. Transaction Network Protocol SDK – Build custom applications that are clients to the ARENA Market Servers.

Goal of the Course

After the course, participants will understand the scope of the product from a functional and technical perspective and be prepared to make decisions about implementations, customizations and integrations. Developers will be able to understand the context within which the various customization tools function.

Target Audience

    • Heads of desks, head of trading, head of IT and other functional managers • New application and system managers • Developers who are going to use Front Arena Customization and Extension Tools • Managers and consultants involved in deliveries and implementation projects

Participants must be employed by a customer of Front Arena or an authorized Front Arena partner.

Required Knowledge Level

Type of Course: Technical/functional