[FA119] APH and AMPH Walkthrough

Duration of Course: One day

Course Covers

The ARENA Price Feed Handler (APH) takes price data from a third-party price feed/news feed, more formally called an Information Distribution Platform (IDP), and forwards it directly to the ADS and/or, for example, the AMAS-FIX.

The ARENA Price Feed Handler (APH) also takes price data from an Arena Market Server component and forwards it to the ADS.

This training covers some of the different configuration possibilities of the APH/AMPH and how to troubleshoot errors.

The following topics are covered:

  • Logical architecture overview
  • Component overview:
    1. APH
    2. AMPH
    3. Entitlements
  • Installation and configuration of APH/AMPH
    1. APH/AMPH on Windows
    2. APH on Solaris
  • Configuration of related components and files
    1. AMAS-FIX
    2. SoftBroker
    3. Entitlements
    5. ADS
    6. Semantic
  • Price Links/Translations
    1. PRIME 2012.2.6 and earlier
    2. PRIME 2012.2.7 and later
    3. AMAS-FIX
  • Troubleshooting
    1. Xport
    2. APH-monitor
    3. APH-test

Goal of the Course

This course will give the participant a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the APH/AMPH. It will also help the participant troubleshoot issues around the flow through the APH/AMPH and related components.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in or in need of understanding the technical installation and configuration or the flow through APH/AMPH and related components.

Required Knowledge Level

Front Arena ADS and/or AMS knowledge is advantageous.

Type of Course: Technical

Certification Exam Details: AEF Base Certification