[FA123] Where Did My SoftBroker Order Go?

Duration of Course: One days

Course Covers

Front Arena SoftBroker installation consists of a number of components that are configured to connect to Front Arena Internal Market, which in turn is connected to one or several external exchange markets.

This training demonstrates, with a couple of joint practical exercises, how to:

  • Complete basic configurations on the SoftBroker components involved in the data flow from different exchange platforms
  • Follow the orders from SoftBroker to the exchange and back
  • Analyze and troubleshoot issues that could arise

The following topics are covered:

  • Logical architecture overview
  • Component overview:
    1. SoftBroker
    2. Arena Market Server
  • Follow an order from SoftBroker to the exchange and back
    1. Order Flow overview:
      • SoftBroker
      • Arena Market Server (AMS)
    2. Order Flow examples
  • What can go wrong?
    1. Troubleshooting

Goal of the Course

This course will give the participant a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the Front Arena SoftBroker installation. It will also help the participant troubleshoot issues around the Order Flow through the SoftBroker and related components.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in or in need of understanding the technical installation or the order flow through SoftBroker and related components.

Required Knowledge Level

Nothing required. Front Arena AMS knowledge is advantageous.

Type of Course: Technical

Certification Exam details: AEF Base Certification