• Digital One Account Open

    Consumers today expect seamless, simple digital interactions. But the account opening process can often be a frustrating one – one that is often fractured, requires excessive data entry, and ends in customer frustration.

    Take this interactive customer journey to see how Digital One® and the account opening process provide a frictionless, consistent experience across various devices and through self-service and banker-assisted channels. Take this journey.

  • Where Banking Meets Life Digital One Account Open Product Overview

    Make a Lasting First Impression

    Digital One Account Open is a true omnichannel solution, offering a cohesive experience for your customers and your bankers, across all channels and devices. This means your customers and employees see the same information — always. It’s fast, easy and paperless. Discover how you can increase account opening success rates with Digital One Account Open.

    Provide Continuous Engagement Between Bankers and Their Customers

    FIS is transforming the digital experience through a single platform. Watch the video to learn how FIS Digital One’s component-based and open platform enables your bankers to be continuously engaged with their customers – across all channels, at all times.

    Achieve Digital Transformation

    It’s easy to talk about the merits and possibilities that omnichannel promises (Great service! Better data! More revenue!). But banks struggle with implementation, and scope, timing and budget are key variables. Discover how we can help you achieve digital transformation – with an omnichannel experience that leverages data and insights to create a seamless, personalized experience that builds value, improves satisfaction, and reduces costs.

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