Empower Your Small-to-Midsized Business Customers

For many banks and credit unions, small-to-midsize business (SMB) customers represent an outsized portion of income and assets. Attracting and keeping these customers happy is essential for growth. FIS can help your bank to expand its SMB relationships by offering services such as card processing, financing plans for customers, and real-time business lending.

See how one small business relies on its financial intuition to better serve its customers and grow. Take this journey.

Bank Technology Should Enhance Relationships, Not Replace Them

Discover the competitive advantage of FIS’ Real-Time Lending while learning the impact on specific financial institutions.

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Your Digital Business Lending Straetgy Begins With These 10 Questions ebook

Your Digital Business Lending Strategy Begins With These 10 Questions

Digital lending is no longer a trend. It is the experience - rather than the channel - that will differentiate banks. In this e-book, you'll discover the 10 prescriptive questions banking executives are considering to evolve their business lending experience.

See How You Can Grow Business Deposits for Your Institution, Profitably

Watch this video to learn how your institution can attract businesses with the promise of fast financing (literally in minutes) and drive profitability with lower loan costs, higher interest rates and future deposits.

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What Do SMB Customers Really Want?

FIS surveyed hundreds of small-to-midsized businesses from around the country about what they want most from their business banking relationships, from processing fees to mobile payments. The key takeaway? SMB customers are willing to switch banks for the products and services they want most.

What Happened When Eastern Bank Introduced Real-time Lending

Real-time lending from FIS, powered by Numerated, offers banking providers an untapped opportunity to acquire and retain increasingly digital-first customers, increase growth and profitability, and differentiate from the competition.

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The 2019 FIS PACE Findings – SMB Banking

Since 2015, FIS has surveyed hundreds of U.S. small-to-midsized business (SMB) customers and asked them to evaluate their primary banking provider’s performance. This signature research study identifies how banks are performing against the expectations of their SMB customers.

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53% of millennial-led businesses

use their bank’s mobile app
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Small Business Mobile Adoption

No surprise that mobile usage is up among small businesses. What is surprising is just how much SMB mobile adoption outpaces that of general consumers. Far more of business operations and banking is headed to the small screen.

Adding services such as mobile loan origination is a win-win for banks and SMBs.

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