Centralize and Standardize Global Corporate Payments

With a corporate payment factory, corporations can centralize and standardize payments processing to help gain visibility into cash, identify and mitigate payment fraud risks, increase internal controls, reduce costs and ensure compliance with a myriad of regulations. See how one global treasurer gains greater clarity into his company’s cash position.

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Video: Simplifying the Global Payments Journey

Payments are a part of the day-to-day life of a corporate treasurer or finance professional. They are on an everchanging journey dealing with challenges such as payment fraud and trends like real-time payments and open application programming interfaces (APIs). FIS’ Head of Corporate Liquidity and Bank Treasury discusses how corporations are navigating that journey and how it is key to the success of their corporations.

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The 2018 Corporate Payments & Bank Connectivity Report

In this market study, FIS surveyed 120 treasury and finance professionals and revealed that 59 percent state that reducing fraud risk is a key driver for a payments modernization project followed by improving control and reducing costs.

Where Payments Meets Life Bank Connectivity
Where Payments Meets Life Simplifying Payments Journey

Infographic: Simplifying the Global Payments Journey

Eighty percent of treasury and finance professionals have at least partially centralized payments according to a new FIS market study. Check out how they are tackling their payments challenges including lack of controls and cash visibility as well as payment fraud risks. Also discover how they are leveraging payment trends such as real-time payments and open APIs. 

Brochure: Centralize and Standardize Corporate Payments and Leverage Real-time Payments with FIS’ Trax Corporate Payment Factory

Although standardizing and centralizing payment workflow is a key practice in the prevention of fraud, most large corporations have not adopted an automated process. Further, they are bypassing significant cost savings and lack cash visibility. By centralizing and standardizing payments with FIS’ payment factory solution, Trax, corporations can increase controls, reduce fraud, lower costs and increase cash visibility.

Where Payments Meets Life Payment Factory

Corporate Payment Factory: Case Studies

Where Payments Meets Life AirFrance
Air France

As a long-standing user of Trax, Air France has been able to implement best practices in payments efficiency and security, gain visibility into cash and increase control around their payments processing.

Where Payments Meets Life Airline
Major Global Airline

A leading Airline is relying on Trax to process over 350,000 payments and 6,000 statements each month, reduce payment fraud and integrate with Quantum, SAP and banking partners via SWIFT.

Where Payments Meets Life Payments Factory

FIS' treasury team is utilizing Trax to centralize the global payments function, increase controls and leverage cutting-edge technologies such as banking APIs to move to real-time payments.

Blog: Annual Global Payments Study Reveals Corporate Payment Challenges

Visibility over cash flows, balances and exposures, and strong, systematic controls within key functions and processes is fundamental to corporate treasury. In the 2017 annual FIS Global Payments and Bank Connectivity Study: Simplifying the Global Payments Journey, 55 percent revealed that increasing controls was a key challenge and top driver for a payment project. Payment fraud and cash visibility were close behind with 54 percent and 48 percent respectively.

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