Leveraging Customer Loyalty


Improve the ROI of loyalty programs by expanding beyond traditional rewards points and using relevant, real-time offers to boost consumer engagement and usage. Leveraging loyalty as a currency has a huge pay-off for both retailers and financial institutions. See how Bob is surprised and delighted at the point of sale!

Case Study: Modern Woodmen Bank

Modern Woodmen Bank first began working with FIS in 2012 to provide a points program for customers who opened a checking, savings or credit card account. But things really heated up in 2015 when the bank decided to expand its loyalty program even more.

White Paper: Loyalty as a Currency

Executing a strategic, cost-effective rewards program has become increasingly challenging, thanks to consumer expectations for personalization, recognition and instant gratification. Find out how you can use these expectations to your advantage through real-time rewards.

Surprise & Delight

The point of sale is the most lasting, memorable part of a customer’s buying experience. See how you can ensure this “make or break” moment is a win — for both the retailer and the financial institutional. 

Missed Opportunities of Loyalty

See what Anthony Jabbour, Chief Operating Officer, Banking & Payments at FIS has to say about the missed opportunity of loyalty.

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Watch The Loyalty Effect Webinar Replay

Recently, Cassie Boutelle, VP Loyalty Solutions, and Aite’s Thad Peterson presented The Loyalty Effect, a webinar on the changing loyalty landscape and what’s coming next. Watch the webinar replay for a deep dive into the world of loyalty.

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