When Your Processor Wants to Know Your Business, There Are No Limits

Merchant processing solutions have a direct impact on customer experience at the point of sale, and on business cash flow, retention marketing and loyalty efforts. Though all of these elements are critical drivers of success (or failure) for businesses, fewer than half of the respondents to a recent FIS study on merchant processing solutions are ‘extremely satisfied’ with their current processor.

View Treasure Coast Lawn & Garden Center’s journey.

Infographic: Three Pathways to Capture More Merchant Services Market Share

How can merchant services partners offer business and commercial clients a solution that addresses their most pressing pain points and delivers meaningful bottom-line benefits? See what FIS’ 2018 research revealed about the features and solutions businesses value—and where current merchant solutions processors fall short of their expectations.

Infographic Three Pathways to Capture More Merchant Services Market Share
Increasing revenue

Video Testimonial: Increasing Revenue through FIS’ Merchant Services Referral Program

In serving small- to medium-sized businesses, financial institutions are seeking options to increase revenue and tailor their products to the needs of the client. Learn how Stacey Evans at First United Bank & Trust switched to the FIS Merchant Services Referral Program, offering a seamless and profitable solution.

Webinar: How To Build Deeper Relationships with Payments

Did you miss this webinar? Get a replay here and gain valuable insights into how your financial institution can maintain relevance and build deeper relationships through your payments portfolio.

merchant services webinar
Video Redefining the Payments Experience at a Favorite American Past Time

Video: Redefining the Payments Experience at a Favorite American Past Time

In 2017, FIS was named the official payments and loyalty provider of Minor League Baseball™ (MiLB™). See how FIS handles all the merchant processing for the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball grounds—including processing more than 10,000 transactions a game, and supporting accounting department needs with tools like prepaid cards for ad hoc purchases, payroll and per diem expenses for players when they’re on the road.

Video: Omnichannel Payments Processing, In an All-In-One Portal

A businesses’ ability to deliver a seamless customer experience at the point of sale is critical to customer satisfaction, whether the transaction occurs in-store, online, or on a mobile device. See how Kineticpay™, our all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) and business management solution empowers a business to securely process customer payments, manage business inventory, refine marketing offers and optimize the potential of every sale—all from one portal.

Video Omnichannel Payments Processing, In an All-In-One Portal
Report The Inspiration Behind FIS Merchant Solutions

Report: The Inspiration Behind FIS Merchant Solutions

In 2016, we leveraged FIS’ merchant services management team’s 200+ years of collective expertise with FIS’ nearly 50 years of experience serving more than 14,000 global financial institutions and moving $9 trillion in funds a year to improve merchant processing with the launch of FIS’ Merchant Processing System.

Our fully managed, state of the art acquiring payment platform provides authorization, clearing, settlement, merchant billing, and accounting services for FIS’ merchant clients and the merchant clients of our partners. Plus, it’s wrapped with a 360 degree portfolio of services to offer even greater flexibility and differentiation for our clients and partners.

Research: What Do Businesses Want from a Merchant Processing Partner?

In early 2018, FIS partnered with global research firm Psyma to survey a cross-section of 300+ firms whose annual revenues ranged from $5 million up to more than $500 million. A handful of major providers currently dominate the merchant processing space, but our survey indicates significant opportunity for merchant services partners who differentiate their brand by offering merchant solutions that solve tangible business needs most merchant processors don’t address.

Is POS headed to the Graveyard?

Most merchants lack the resources to accommodate order and pay ahead capabilities, but their processors can help.

End-to-End Payments Ecosystems at Sports Arenas and Venues

With a single infrastructure and a consolidated merchant processing system sitting behind it, customer experience is simplified—thus easing the spending of money.

The Future of POS: From Payment Origination to Business Management Tool

The POS is quickly expanding to become a point of information system, providing data about inventory, unique products, loyalty offers, and behavioral analytics that can enhance the value of every customer relationship.

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