Have You Met the Modern Prepaid User?

The prepaid user has evolved to include young consumers, thriving millennials, dual-income families, as well as business owners. Learn why prepaid users choose prepaid to manage their financial life and how FIS prepaid solutions can help you capture new opportunities for growth. See how Lisa runs her vintage boutique using Prepaid. View Lisa's Journey.

Where Payments Meets Life Prepaid The Evolution is now Infographic

Infographic: Why Prepaid Is Primed for Growth

The percentage of prepaid cards purchased for self-use now outweighs those purchased as a gift—and industry forecasts predict that the prepaid market is primed for continued growth in the coming years. Learn which key factors are fueling growth in the prepaid segment for financial institutions and retailers.

White Paper: How Financial Institutions Can Use Prepaid to Connect With Profitable New Customer Segments

Prepaid users are often misperceived as a segment that lacks the profitability and growth potential to benefit financial institutions—but the data tells a different story.

In this white paper, we’ll explore why the prepaid market is primed for growth across all income brackets, and how banks can leverage prepaid solutions to engage profitable customer segments.

Where Payments Meets Life Prepaid Personas
Where Payments Meets Life How retailers can deepen customer relationships with prepaid products

White Paper: How Retailers Can Deepen Customer Relationships with Prepaid Products

Retailers can use prepaid solutions to enhance brand equity, cultivate new revenue streams, deepen wallet share and increase purchase frequency. This white paper explores how prepaid technologies have recently been embraced by profitable user segments—and how retailers can leverage prepaid solutions to connect with those users.

Where Payments Meets Life Prepaid $312 Billion Infographic
Where Payments Meets Life Prepaid $341 Billion Infographic
Where Payments Meets Life Prepaid 35% Infographic

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Using Prepaid Solutions as a Path to Financial Inclusion

Rather than have the underbanked gain services from external parties, connect with them at the start of their financial journey and win loyal customers for life.

Sharing Funds Across Families, Groups and Small Business with Prepaid & Mobile

An increasing number of disruptors are offering prepaid solutions to expand and strengthen existing customer relationships, promote ties to the local community, increase brand distribution and provide a new loyalty offering.

Mobile and digital technology has radically changed the ease and speed with which prepaid funds can move.

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