The Corporate Actions Solution That Delivers Accuracy and Speed

FIS™ XSP is a SWIFT-accredited, highly configurable solution that offers end-to-end management of corporate action event activity.

XSP uses emerging technologies such as robotic process automation to help users target, identify and manage corporate action data, positions and election risk throughout the event life cycle.

Offered as a SaaS solution, XSP not only complements other FIS systems but provides connectivity with other industry applications.

How FIS Empowers Corporate Actions Processing

Say goodbye to manual processing and empower operational teams to manage their corporate action risk

Slash the Time to Process Corporate Actions Events

Leverage our automated solution to create efficiencies throughout the event life cycle

Improve Risk Control

Leverage accurate data and automation to reduce the likelihood of losses associated with complex corporate action events

Ensure Data Accuracy, No Matter What

Use XSP’s comprehensive workflows to help identify key data discrepancies and manage events through a centralized and automated electronic record


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